How to Organize Spotify Library

How to Organize Spotify Library

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How to Organize Spotify Library – Guide

Spotify has changed a lot since its inception more than a decade ago. If, like me, you’ve been streaming music for years, chances are your music library and playlists are a total mess. I had over 200 playlists – most of which I hadn’t listened to in ages. Are you one of those people who listens to all kinds of music genres and has hundreds of songs in your playlists? If that’s the case, organizing your playlists can feel like a nightmare. Spotify is now music lovers’ first choice among all music streaming apps to listen to their favorite music.

With millions of songs available for streaming and download, spanning hundreds of genres, artists, countries and languages, Spotify can help you build the best music library of your choice. Spotify is now music lovers’ first choice among all music streaming apps to listen to their favorite music. With millions of songs available for streaming and download, spanning hundreds of genres, artists, countries and languages, Spotify can help you build the best music library of your choice.

How to Organize Spotify library

Organizing a Spotify library can be a daunting task. As there is now no limit of songs you can save in your library, the whole process becomes a bit complicated. As users find their favorite music by searching various playlists, artist list, albums and single tracks, you should optimize Spotify library.

Saving songs and albums

You can save your music by saving single tracks or entire albums.

To save a song:

Saving a song is one of the easiest ways to have an organized library filtered by your favorite songs in your Spotify account. To save a song to Spotify, click the “Heart” button adjacent to the left of the track title in any playlist. THE Heart button acts like a like song button. The song is then added to your library in an automatically created playlist called “Liked Songs”. This creates an organized list of your recent favorites. You can also right-click a song and click Save to your favorite songs to save a song to your Spotify music library.

To save an album:

In this case, you’ll find an entire album big enough to listen to on loop; you can go ahead and save an entire album. Just like I did with Linkin Park’s 2012 album Living Things. All you need to do is click on another “Heart” button. But not the one adjacent to the runway. On the album page, you will find the album name along with a Heart button Next to that. By clicking on it, the album will be saved. And it will not save the songs in the liked music playlist. You can access the liked album from the Albums section on Spotify.

following artists

Following artists is another method for having an organized music library. Various artists are always on their favorites lists, no matter what music they release and no matter how the general public and critics react. You can find your favorite artists in the search menu or in the Artists section of the Spotify app or website. You can also go to the Go to Artists tab after right-clicking any song.

Once on your Favorite Artists page, click on the Follow page and on that button will change to Following. This will add the following artist to the top of the Artists section of your Spotify account. With this, you can access any song by that particular artist and also add some individual songs to your liked music playlist.

Create playlists and create folders

Now, here’s the part about becoming self-creative and self-organizing. Spotify allows users to create their playlists and organize music library filled with more than one hundred songs in their Spotify account. You can then create folders to do up a more organized music library.

To create a playlist:

To create a playlist, right-click a song and click Add to playlist. Give your playlist a name and keep adding songs related to it to organize a music type or genre in an organized way. You can also create a playlist from the left panel of your Spotify account on the web. There you will find an option to create playlist. You can add songs to this created playlist according to the name you gave it. I, for one, prefer to create playlists by artist name to keep all music organized by my favorite artists.

To create folders:

Folders are sub-playlists that you can create to further organize your playlists. For example, you created a playlist with the name of your artist. You can now create folders to split the songs within them into different folders sorted by album names, new/old songs, remixes and artist collaborations.

Temporary playlist

It’s just forming a rotation playlist where you can temporarily add favorite songs as you discover new music on Spotify. You can add these newly added songs to playlist specified by genre, album or artist.

Spotify has one of the largest online music libraries accessible for free. And it can be very confusing when you organize it. Using these methods, you can always keep your favorite songs and even your newly discovered gems so that they are easily retrieved and you don’t have to rely on lengthy shuffles before you get there.

Creating playlists and folders

The last way to organize your music is to make good use of playlists and folders. Between your playlists and the playlists of other people you follow, there’s a good chance you have dozens or even hundreds of cluttered playlists. up your account. To keep them all organized, make good use of folders. To create a folder, right-click your playlist collection in the left menu and select “Create Folder”.

Folders let you sort your playlists by genre, mood, era, or purpose. For example, a “Work Music” folder can contain anything from classical music to ambient noise. Although you can only create folders in Spotify for Desktop, they can still be viewed in mobile application. You can also create playlists inside folders on your phone. You can also use various sorting options for playlists. By default it is set to “Custom Order”, which is the order in which you sort them on the Desktop. You can also sort them alphabetically or by current status.

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