How to Pick The Right Outsourcing Team

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Guide: How to Pick The Right Outsourcing Team

You can save time, see your project from a new perspective and learn and grow as a company, but where do you go to find the right team? Let’s assume you have an IT project, but not your own IT department. What what to expect and what to look for when looking for an outsourcing company

We’re going to take a look at some of the things the perfect team should be able to do, including:

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1. They understand the business you are in

You need to find some talented people (which is always a must) who understand the businessIt’s not just about understanding the functionalities you describe; it is crucial that they knows what’s behind them, what they are for and what are the expected effectsThis way, they can provide the solutions you really need.

Find the companies that hire talented developers as well as agile communication and project managers. Remember that money, goals, investments, and business benefits that are important to you translate into class abstraction, methods universality and code semantics to the developers.

It is crucial to have someone who understands both sides and can manage communication.

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2. They can be thought of as colleagues with whom you would like to work

Always look for the people you can consider your real business partnersIf you treat them as equals, not just your employees who follow up on assignments, you will clearly benefit from the collaboration.

colleagues you would like to work with

They have the experience and can imagine what to do and what to avoidOf course you can also share your own opinion but with peer discussions is much more effective than having all decisions made on one side.

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3. They plan the right moves for all of your requirements

It is also essential that the people you work with have a plan, a clear idea of ​​how the work should be carried outThis seems obvious, but many people overlook it. Brainless coding without asking a single question is not the best way to develop large and complex projects.

planning the right move

Your developers and project managers should do that listen to your wishes and can suggestfor example to divide the project into phases.

Of course, the correct approach to your project will vary depending on whether you are a startup or a large companyIt’s hard to be more precise here, but I think you can tell if the team knows what they’re doing when you talk to them.

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4. Discuss

Avoid the companies that follow your orders without discussionMany clients know this and expect the developers to take the initiative and generally get involved in the project as equal partners, but some may be fooled by the deceptive smoothness of their project’s workflow


Appreciate if a developer wants to discuss a problem with you, even if it seems to slow down work at first. The discussion pays off in the long run, reduce errors and prevent errors which are easier to nip in the bud than to clean up at the end of the race.

Companies that follow your instructions literally will also be less creative and inclined to point the finger to you if something doesn’t come up to mark.

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Of course, the above list is only a starting point. Every company has its own needs and it may even turn out that you need a separate team for each project. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked with anyone abroad yet – globalization has done its job. Aside from some cultural differences (such as different ways to decline, lead a discussion, or negotiate), we’re on the same page.

However, if you and your team are in different time zones, project management can be challenging, but almost any obstacle can be overcome with enough good will and patience on both sides.

Editor’s Note: This is a message written by Filip Jaskiewicz for Filip is the COO of Magently, a reliable and experienced development agency for the Magento eCommerce platform.

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