How to pin and unpin Android app

How to pin and unpin Android app

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How to pin and unpin Android app – Guide

Android 11 users can pin and unpin an app on their phones to limit user access. Prevents who is using your phone from opening anything else on your device until you have unchecked the app. It’s also very safe since your phone will need your password to grant full access to the phone as soon as the app is unpinned. Here it is how to fix and release an android app.

How to enable app pinning on android

Before pinning and unpinning an Android app, you must first enable the feature. This can be done quickly through your phone settings.

  • open your phone Definitions menu.
  • tap Password and security.
  • Scroll down to find application pinning and touch this.
  • Turn on the key to application pinning.
  • A warning message will appear. up. Touch OK after reading.
  • Now that you have enabled application pinning feature on your android Phone, see how you can pin and unpin an Android app.

    How to fix an android app

  • open an app On your phone.
  • slide up and hold until you can see all open apps.
  • Touch The three points in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Touch Pin.
  • An alert will appear up. Touch I understood after reading.
  • Once the app is fixed, whoever uses their phone you won’t be able to open and use anything other than the pinned app. So after they finish using their phone, see how you can release the app.
  • How to unpin an android app

  • slide up and hold at the bottom of the app.
  • unlock your phone with your password or biometrics.
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