How to read comic books on phone or tablet

How to read comic books on phone or tablet

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How to read comic books on phone or tablet – Guide

Comic books have been around for a while. It is the source of some of the most fantastic and enchanting tales recorded in the last century. Superman and Spider-Man are well-known superheroes. The films also performed admirably at the box office. People are reading more comics as a result of this. The good news is that they can be read in a mobile device. In reality, given Marvel’s massive success over the past decade, this is a saturated industry these days. That means you have a lot of options.

It is evident that tablets are never the ideal device for reading digital comics. There’s also no denying that digital comics services like Comixology and Marvel Unlimited have made accessing large libraries of digital comics easier than ever before. What’s less clear is what kind of tablet or e-reader you should be using to read your comics. Do you plan to buy a thin 10-inch tablet? To save a few bucks, how about a small tablet? You could only use one laptop or a desktop computer? What about alternatives for Apple or Android, like Kindle, Nook or Windows Surface? What is the best device for reading comics?

Which tablet is best for reading comics?

There are several fundamental requirements to consider when choosing a tablet for reading comics: the size and the aspect-resolution ratio. It goes without saying that any Android device would work (desktop computers aside), be it a tablet or a smartphone. Even an old netbook placed vertically would work! Even so, what we are looking for is an experience as similar as possible to reading the physical version. Therefore, you need a device whose dimensions are similar to the ones you are trying to replace; ie a 10-inch tablet.

The other big challenge is being able to view the pages full screen without having to scroll or zoom it’s easier to read in the same way you would read real pages, that way you can see a whole page at a glance. That’s why it’s important that you have a good resolution so that when each page is loaded on the screen the text is perfectly readable and you don’t get tired of your eyes. This is where we talk about screen resolution.

Anything with a resolution of 150 PPI or higher will work, which means 1280×800 for a 10.1-inch screen, which tends to be a standard. feature on most high-end tablets. There’s really only one tablet that offers great resolution at an affordable price: Google’s Nexus 10, which has a 2560×1600 (300ppi) display, which is matched only by the latest versions of Apple’s iPad. If you take into account that the latter has more limited software options to choose from and a 4:3 aspect ratio (meaning the pages don’t fit in the frame). If we had to choose, we would go with Android for this purpose.

Where can you get digital comics?

The main comic book distributors – Marvel and DC – have their own distribution stores, both official and unofficial, such as the Comixology platform. The other option is to get your hands on the comics. Although you can find comics in PDF format, or even on ePub, the most common one that stands out for reading is the so-called CBR, which is nothing more than a .rar file with a different extension that contains JPG images, each of which it’s a page of the comic in question.

The Internet is full of sites where you can download comics in this format, which would otherwise be impossible to get your hands on because they are completely uncataloged. Another thing is that you should consider whether purchasing certain publications is legal or not. we are going to leave it up each decide for themselves.

What is the best program to read comics on Android?

If you type “Comic reader” in Google Play, several options will appear. After testing half a dozen of them, we ended up up deciding to stay with just one couple. Perfect Viewer is one of the most versatile because, in addition to being great for cataloging publications, it is fully customizable, in addition to working as an image viewer in different formats. But the reader who takes the cake is, without a doubt, the Comic Rack. There are enough reasons to put him to sleep, and we are going to share a few with you.

Your biggest feature is your speed. Although it depends on the power of your device, Comic Rack displays the image and shows the page change almost instantly, even when the image resolution is very high. This feature, combined with the clean interface (something that Perfect Viewer is missing), makes it the ultimate app for reading comics.

The interface can automatically catalog the comics you have in a folder. So if the file name is the same then they will all be put under one roof. another brilliant feature is that it remembers the comics you’ve read and are reading and lets you filter them in the library.

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