How to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates on your e-Commerce Site

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Guide: How to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates on your e-Commerce Site

Abandoned shopping cart is a standard issue that every ecommerce site sooner or later encounters. According to the Baymard Research Institute, the average percentage of shopping cart abandonment is a whopping 68.63%, a value calculated on the basis of 33 different studies.

Pay attention to checkout UX, and by designing for the specific needs of your target audience, you can reduce the number of customers leaving their purchases at the last crucial moment in the middle of the checkout process.

In this post, we’ll cover the reasons why cart abandonment happens what designers can do about it, and how some notable e-commerce websites Deal with the problem

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Reasons for abandoning the shopping cart

Finding out why your customers are leaving your site during the checkout process can be a frustrating task. While ecommerce stores can specialize in many different niche markets and product types, there are some universal rules that can be applied to most online shopping environments.

According to a report – based on responses from more than 1,000 online customers aged 18-65 – there are Top 7 reasons for shopping cart abandonment (from most to least frequent):

Unexpected shipping costs Need to create a new user account Did research to buy later Payment security concerns Long and confusing checkout Could not find coupon code No express shipping available

While # 3 can be considered normal customer behavior, the rest implies existing user experience issues.

IMAGE: VWO Cart Abandonment Report 2016

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Understand customer psychology

To set up a successful checkout process with low shopping cart abandonment rates, it is important to understand how your audience “works”, as in the psychology behind their behaviorStanford University’s Persuasive Tech Lab recommends a specific behavioral model that makes it possible to design core processes – such as the checkout process – in a way that increases conversions.

The Fogg behavioral model claims that user behavior depends on 3 key elements: motivation power, and triggerWhen a desired behavior does not take place, it is because at least one of these elements is missing.

Fogg behavior modelIMAGE:

To solve these pain points of your customers, it is a good strategy to find out which psychological element is missingFor example, if your users don’t understand how their shipping costs are calculated, they’ll lose motivation, but you can recoup that increasing their ability to quickly get information about shipping costs

In real life, of course, the analysis is much more complicated, but it’s always helpful to approach user experience issues like cart abandonment, from a psychological aspect

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Reduce interaction costs

One of the most important things to do is to keep your customers motivated reduce interaction costs, which is so defined by the Nielsen Norman Group.

In terms of checkout UX, this means you have to simplify the checkout process as much as possible, such as minimizing fields, making it easy for customers to pay, and making checkout easier.

This way, you can increase focus and reduce hassle, giving your customers the necessary options for shopping.

For example, consider the Ebay checkout process. They only ask for the necessary information, and pre-fill many fields based on the registration information. As such, customers only need to provide their personal information, such as their shipping address, once, and then with each purchase they only need to fill in the fields that can vary from purchase: payment, shipping, coupon code, and charity donation.

Ebay checkout

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Provide visual feedback

Customers can therefore easily get lost in the checkout process give them the right visual feedback at the right time can be a big factor in optimizing checkout. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, provides comprehensive visual feedback on every part of the checkout process.

Amazon uses one separate user interface for the checkout process, which is easily distinguishable from other parts of the site, and contains no distractions – not only the sidebar, but the top navigation is also cleared from the screen.

Checkout steps are visualized at the top of any checkout screen, which provides an easy-to-understand visual feedback to customers about their current position in the checkout process

Different types of information also use different colors, and Continue button appears at the top and bottom of the screen, making it clear to customers what the next task is.

Amazon Checkout UI

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Give customers control

Making customers feel like they are have a say in their purchasing process can certainly increase their motivation. However, it is not always easy to decide when it is better to give them a choice and when it is better to anticipate their needs.

When we talk about e-commerce, one of the The biggest deterrent for customers is having to register“Need to create a new user account” was the second most common reason for cart abandonment in the above report.

It is such a crucial question that Nielsen Norman Group explored the concept of guest check-out from a usability aspect. They summarize their research in the following way:

Apple’s online stores do a good job of providing customers with a guest checkout. They display the two options “Returning Customers” and “Checkout by guest” side by side, at the same level of visual hierarchy.

They also assure customers that they can still create an Apple ID at the end of the process if they choose to checkout as a guest.

Apple Guest Checkout

Checkout as a guest is just one example of giving customers control in the form of clearly explained options, there can be many different things to consider based on the type of store, such as shipping options, payment options, shipping the product as gifts, coupons, etc.

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Win the trust of the customer

Lack of customer confidence is the reason for “security payment concerns,” one of the biggest customer pain points that cart abandonment can cause.

The Baymard Institute’s research results show this perceived safety is more important than actual security for most customers as most of them don’t understand technical terms such as TLS / SSL encryption.

This is why rely on badges and labels can work well in gaining customer trust. For example, Ebay uses both a ‘money back guarantee’ label and a Norton security badge, and Apple also ensures users’ safety by using the ‘Secure Checkout’ label at the top left of their Checkout login screen. the checkout process begins (see both examples in the screenshots above).

Debenhams, a popular UK retailer, uses a different design; they have integrated their trust label into a large orange secure cash register buttonIn this way, they combine the skill and trigger elements of the previously mentioned Fogg behavior model.

Debenhams Secure checkout

In addition to trust in badges and labels, it is also crucial for emphasize customer-centric benefits where it is needed, especially if you ask customers to make an extra effort. For example, consider how Marks & Spencer summarizes the benefits of registration from a customer point of view:

Marks & Spencer login screen

Summarizing the order for payment in an understandable way, with all occurring costs in detail is also one feature without which customer confidence can hardly be achieved, it is no coincidence that most major ecommerce sites implement it.

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