How to Remove Glare from Snapseed

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Guide: How to Remove Glare from Snapseed

It happens to everyone – just when you thought you got a perfect shot, you see a glare or lens flare covering part of it. Rather than ruining your missed opportunities, you can use Snapseed’s wide range of image-changing tools to try and make the glare disappear.

Thanks to a built-in feature called healing tool, you can make these details disappear. Of course you also need some patience. Let’s go through this method and make sure all these unwanted elements disappear.

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Remove glare using recovery tool

Snapseed has a healing tool that allows you to remove an unwanted part of the photo without cutting it out. Instead, the algorithm will blend the selected part with the rest of the environment so that no one will notice that anything was different before.

This tool removes blemishes, blemishes, ink, acne, blemishes and unwanted details. It works on a similar principle to Photoshop’s ‘Content Aware’ fill tool, where the software draws the pattern and color scheme and fills a specific area with it. The tool is not intended for larger surfaces, but removing glare and lens flare should be relatively easy.

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Step 1: Preparing the photo

Before you start editing, you should know a few things about the healing tool. It removes the selected elements and covers them with surrounding details. Sometimes this works magically, but sometimes it can completely ruin the photo.

This tool does not work optimally with images with many fine details, colors or objects. It also works much worse on lower quality images. Follow these steps to prepare your image:

  1. Open Snapseed.
  2. Tap the blank background to open the photo library.
  3. Select the picture you want to edit.styles
  4. Choose a filter if you want. However, it is always best to leave the image in its original shape and form before using the healing tool. You can then add the filter.
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Step 2: Edit the image

Once you have loaded and prepared the image, it is time to use the healing tool.

  1. Tap the ‘Tools’ tab at the bottom of the
  2. Find the healing tool icon that looks like two patches forming an ‘X’ shape.healingWhen the tool is activated, you will be taken back to the photo. This is where the sensitive part comes in handy. Anything you touch on the image will automatically start the healing tool, so try to be careful.
  3. Drag the image with two fingers to zoom it to the maximum. The higher the zoom, the more likely the selected area will blend seamlessly with the rest of the scene.
  4. Once you’ve zoomed in, use the small image map at the bottom left of the screen to navigate the image. If you try to tap anywhere on the screen to move, only the healing tool will be activated.snapseed
  5. Find the area of ​​the image with to    remove glare
  6. Tap the sparkle gently once. It should be replaced with a non-glare piece of background.remove glare
  7. Repeat the process for each prominent area. It also takes a few taps in the same area to achieve a perfect blend.
  8. If you make a mistake or go overboard with the tool, you can just tap ‘Undo’ button as often as you like and try again.

Keep doing this until you’ve removed all unwanted details from your image.

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Step 3: completion

When you remove the unwanted glare with the healing tool, you can finally add filters and finishing touches to the image.

  1. Tap the ‘Styles’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose the correct filter.
  3. Select the ‘Tools’ tab again.
  4. Experiment with other image editing features. You can always tap ‘Undo’ button if you don’t like it.remove glare on snapseed
  5. Tap the ‘Export’ tab at the bottom of the page.
  6. Choose whether to save your image to a storage drive or share it with the public.
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Other ways to remove glare

Aside from the healing tool, there are a few others features that can help you remove the glare, but they are not that effective.

For example, you can use the ‘Selective’ tool to choose the blinding area and then reduce the brightness to make it invisible. However, this can distort the overall tone of the picture.

You can also try to play with the ‘Curves’ tool and take away the brightness.

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Shine isn’t always bad

Even though you now know that there is an option to remove glare with Snapseed, you can sometimes decide not to use it. In some situations, the flare and glare from the lens add a certain touch to an image that otherwise appears completely normal.

If the glare doesn’t interfere with the overall mood of the image, it’s best to leave it on. Tinkering too much can sometimes make an image worse than better.

How often do you remove glare from your images? Are there other Snapseed methods to remove glare that we haven’t covered? Leave a comment below and share tips with the rest of the community.

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