How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0

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Hello friends today we gonna learn about How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0. So read this article, How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0 step by step so you may understand it in a better way. If you have query related to same article you may contact us. So Lets begin:

Guide: How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0

Wine is one of my indispensable tools for working on Linux. If you don’t know wine it’s one compatibility layer between Windows and Linux, bridging and permitting the gap between the two Windows applications to work on LinuxAlmost magical.

Although Wine has been available for a long time, but the 3.0 release brought a major update – support for AndroidThat means you can now easily run Windows apps on Android. And through this post, I will just tell you how to do that.

Let’s take a look.

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Wine for Android is a simple app and you only need an Android device with a working internet connection to download and run it.

You can also download the required app (Wine’s APK) and Windows apps (.exe’s) on your computer and upload it to your mobile device in case your smartphone does not have a working network connection.

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Download and install Wine

Follow the instructions below to get started tutorial

  1. Open “” in your mobile
  2. Download the latest available release per device platformFor example, I downloaded “wine-3.2-arm.apk” on my phone, but you may need the “x86” version if your device has an Intel CPU instead of an ARM CPU (like mine).
  3. Open the downloaded APK and install the Wine app on your device.

Install Wine on Android

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Try out Wine on Android

After you’ve downloaded and installed Wine on your device, it’s time to experiment with it. Just follow the steps below to proceed with this guide

  1. Open the Wine app on your Android device. When you run it for the first time, it will take a while to extract and set up the files up the Windows environment, but from the second time it will be much faster.
  2. Run Wine on Android

  3. Once Wine loads, you’ll see a classic Windows desktop, which immediately reminds me of Windows 98. Maybe click on Start button, and to your surprise, you will only see two options there, suggesting that there is a lot more to do.
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Download apps and tools

Since most of us have a device powered by an ARM CPU, we can only run WinRT apps with Wine on Android. The list of supported WinRT apps are small, as you must have guessed by now; and you can access the full app list in this thread on XDA Developers.

However, if you are lucky enough to have one device with an Intel CPU like ASUS ZenFone 2, you have many more choices to choose from the supported apps.

That’s because you can run win32 apps i.e. x86 aka 32 bit apps with Wine for Android.

If you need to install a Windows app in Wine, the process is as simple as the steps below:

  1. On the Wine desktop, click Get started button
  2. Get started button on Wine's desktop

  3. Select Control panel and go to “Add / Remove Programs” of the options.
  4. Select Add / Remove Programs

  5. A new window will open. Click on the to install button in the.
  6. Click on Install button in wine

  7. A file dialog will open. Here you can browse and select the app (.exe) you want to install.
  8. Choose the Windows program (.exe)

  9. You will see the program installer. follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installer and install the app as you would install any other program in Windows.

Alternatively, you can Wine Command Prompt to install or run a program in Wine. Just type the full path of the executable file in the command prompt, and Wine will show the program installer.

After that, just follow the on-screen instructions and the program will be installed at the end of the process. And you will see entry under the Start menu

Wine command prompt

For example, if you try to install Notepad ++ (with “npp.exe” as file) and its installer is present in the Downloads directory, which is located in “/ sdcard / Downloads”. Next, you need to type “/sdcard/Downloads/npp.exe” in the command prompt window.

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Resolving problems

Following are some of the most common wine problems and some instructions about them how to solve them.

1. Wine cannot be installed on my Android device.

If you can’t install it, you can downloaded APK file is damagedIn this case, just download it fresh and try to install it again. If you get a message while installing Wine that says “should not install unknown apps‚ÄúThen you have to change a setting.

You can do it by going to Settings Safety and then switch on “Unknown sources”

Allow unknown sources in Settings

If you’re not using Google’s Android version, this setting may be in a different place – just search for it in Settings or google the procedure for your device. After changing this option, you can try installing this app – it will work.

2. Wine will not start / run on my Android device.

If you can install Wine but can’t start or run the same thing, there are some problem with your device – probably a compatibility issue.

Also keep in mind that Wine 3.x (up up to 3.2 at the time of writing) does not support Android 8 (Oreo) platform. That said, Wine 3.x on Android 8 will always get stuck on the ‚ÄúSetting up the Windows environment‚Ķ ‚ÄĚscreen.

Additionally, during my testing with Android Emulator, I found that Wine 3.2 does not work on emulated devices – for both ARM and x86 versions. Although the devices have allocated enough resources, I was unable to reach the classic desktop on Wine with an emulator. That said, please know Wine 3.2 may not work on AVD (Android virtual device).

3. Soft aka on-screen keyboard is not displayed up

Wine 3.2 is not yet complete in terms of features and this bug is one of the evidences of its imperfection. That said, you will need a physical keyboard (such as Bluetooth keyboard) to work with Wine. It is because a soft keyboard is not displayed up on the screen in case you want to type something, and the only solution is to connect a hard keyboard

4. I cannot choose a directory or file in the file dialog.

Windows default setting requires you to double-click an item (such as a file or folder) to open it, as you must have done in Windows. Since we are talking about touch controlled devices, we have to double tap to emulate a double clickAnd I found it doesn’t work that well, at least for now.

That is why it is good to use a physical keyboard and use the navigation keys to navigate through windows, options, folders, etc. or select a file or folder.

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That’s all about using Wine on Android

I hope you are successful in installing and running Windows apps on Android with Wine. If you run into any problems, you can ask for a solution on WineHQ Forums, and you can also write a comment below to ask me directly.

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How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0: benefits

  • The How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0 tutorial is free .
  • This guide already helps so many users follow up with interest in a timely manner.
  • The price of the How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0 guide is free.

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Tutorial summary of How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0

In this guide, we told you about the How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0; please read all steps so that you understand How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0 in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

How this tutorial helping you?

So in this guide, we discuss the How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0, which undoubtedly helps you.

What is actual time in which this method complete?

The time to complete the How to Run Windows 10 Apps on Android using Wine 5.0 tutorial is 10+ minutes.

What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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Final note

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