How to Save MS Excel Sheet as PDF

How to Save MS Excel Sheet as PDF

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How to Save MS Excel Sheet as PDF – Guide

While certain files can be easily converted to other formats, Excel files cannot. While you can embed Excel data elsewhere, it’s not a format that converts well to other document formats like PDFs. This is mainly due to formatting. Excel files with their cell grid structure should be created in such a way that the data can be displayed without losing its layout. Follow the steps below to save an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF. While page layouts and margins are usually not visible in Excel, they do exist. Since a PDF is a document format that displays content on pages, it’s important to ensure that your Excel data can be easily viewed without damaging the layout.

Because of this, you need to change the page layout in Excel first before saving it as a PDF file. First, open your Excel spreadsheet and click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon. From here you can set the margins, orientation, size and total print area. All four elements can affect how your Excel file will appear when converted to a PDF file. Although the default margins should be acceptable, press the Margins button button and choose one of the available options from the drop-down menu if you want to change it. You can do this when you want less (or more) white space around the edges of your data.

Save a copy of the file as a PDF.

  • Go to the File tab.
  • Go to the Save a Copy tab.
  • Select PDF as the file type.
  • Press the Save button button
  • Quite easy, and your new PDF file will be saved in the same location where the Excel file was saved. If you want to change the save location or access other advanced PDF file options, click the More options link just below the file type selection.

    this will open up a in the Save As menu and you can navigate to a new save location as well as access advanced options for PDF files.

    To export your Excel file as PDF.

  • Go to the File tab.
  • Go to the Export tab.
  • Select Create PDF/XPS Document.
  • Press the Create PDF/XPS button button.
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