How to Share Screen on iOS 15 Using Apple SharePlay

How to Share Screen on iOS 15 Using Apple SharePlay

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How to Share Screen on iOS 15 Using Apple SharePlay – Guide

Software updates can be a mix. Of course, after the installation process is finished, you might feel like you’ve earned a new consumable item. You gain access to a host of new and exciting features, apps and other new trinkets.

some new ones features, like SharePlay on iOS 15, have game-changing potential. In the operating system update, here it is how to screen sharing.

Here it is how to screen sharing on iOS 15.

The SharePlay option is basically screen sharing, which has been around for a long, long time. Apple has long been accused of reinventing the wheel with its features, however, it’s the company’s integration of its new technology into a wide range of synergistic products, coupled with unrivaled appeal, that truly makes the company a powerhouse.

Ease of use and absolute simplicity have always been Apple’s pillars. In fact, there aren’t many other feats of excellence in software engineering that have made complex computational processes so little daunting to execute.

So if you want to enable SharePlay on your iOS 15 device, here’s everything you need to do:

  • Start FaceTime.
  • Click “New FaceTime” with the contact or contacts you want in the video call. You can also simply choose someone from your contact list to initiate a new call.
  • Once connected, you will see an option to enable “SharePlay” located in the upper right corner of your device’s screen.
  • Hit “Share My Screen” drop down menu. A three second timer will start and so on up, you’ll share your screen with whoever is in the FaceTime video call.
  • Yes, it’s that simple. So whoever is on the call won’t see your face, but whatever you’re doing on the screen, so make sure you don’t have any sensitive data on your phone that you don’t want people to see as you switch between apps.

    During the call, a notification bar indicating that you are actually sharing your screen will be present on your iOS device at all times. If you need to interact with the bar, stop sharing your screen, or end the FaceTime call, just tap the blue screen sharing option in the upper left corner of your device screen.

    This is very useful for zooming out or back to people’s faces on the screen during FaceTime call. Using this feature, you can easily switch between commenting on what they’re seeing on the screen and talking to them face-to-face.

    What is the release date for iOS 15.1?

    If you can’t use SharePlay, it’s probably because you’re not using an iOS 15 version that has it. Currently, if you want iOS 15.1, you will have to sign up for Apple’s beta testing program as the official version has not yet been released to the public. This means that you will not have access to screen sharing unless you have that specific version installed. You can get the beta here.

    There’s no word yet on when SharePlay will be included in iOS 15.1, but many people have beta-tested it. feature already, so it’s just a matter of time. As to whether or not your phone will be “brickado” trying to use it, as long as it’s not too old, you should be fine. Reports indicate that SharePlay will be available in bulk at some point on the final of the fall of 2022.

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