How to shoot better videos with your iPhone or Android device

How to shoot better videos with your iPhone or Android device

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How to shoot better videos with your iPhone or Android device – Guide

It’s never been easier to record a professional-grade video in home. smartphone camera editing technology and software just keeps getting better. Still, it takes more than a good camera to make good videos. You also have to know how to use your phonede camera tricks to the best of your abilities. Here, then, is my top tips you should keep in mind when making your own video on home this year.

Consider how you want the video to look

Before we start, we need to give some thought to what we want to include in the video. It could be the entire complete movie that takes place on your child’s next birthday, but consider making it a little more specific. Maybe the games you play or all the videos about them opening gifts.

Having a specific story to tell (even a basic story) will help you consider the photos you need to capture. It also helps you capture and edit just what you need, instead of filtering hours of footage.

To define up The phone properly

Almost everyone recently smartphone You can make great videos, but it’s worth checking the settings to make sure you’re done. The resolution setting is up for you, but Full HD (1080p) looks great, but it’s probably a good starting point, since your phoneo storage doesn’t fill up. up quickly. You can go up to 4K if your phone allows, or up to 720p if you’re using an older device that you can’t even edit.

Make the video short and enjoyable

It’s easy to shoot a five-minute clip of a person peeling potatoes for dinner, but when you look back, you’ll find it’s too long to be interesting. Instead, consider keeping the duration of each clip at around 15-20 seconds. In retrospect, you might be surprised at how long a 15-second video actually takes. Also, cutting too many clips short will make your video more attractive and professional.

stabilize the phone

Nothing can ruin a video as easily as its choppy footage. if your phone has a stable video mode, make sure it is turned on. If not, consider using a small tripod to stabilize your phone. Of course, this also allows you, the filmmaker, to be part of the action. This is great for cooking and gift giving.

be creative at an angle

A great way to improve the quality of a movie is to experiment with different angles. Let’s say you’re capturing the moment your child receives presents under a tree at Christmas – not only photograph them from a nearby position, but also think of ways to capture those moments in a more exciting way. .. Maybe you can put your cell phone phone in a tree in the present and watch the child reach the camera and choose up the gift.

there is no end to how to play from your own angle, then think of ways to swing things. You can always redo certain things from various angles (or define up a spare phone or camera to another angle) and then cut them together in a video editor. For example, in my video I wanted to show cinnamon and ginger being thrown into a pan, so I used two angles. One is the angle at which you look at the jar from a first-person perspective and the other is the angle at which your smartphone is placed behind the jar. A pot that shows how ingredients are placed. It’s these little elements that make a big difference overall.

improve audio

If your video includes people chatting with the camera (maybe your child would like to thank grandma for the gift), you will want to make sure that your phone can clearly capture that audio. For best results, consider purchasing a small external microphone like the Rode Video Micro. It connects to your headset phone (or power port via an adapter) and dramatically improves sound quality.

If you don’t want to invest in extra equipment, there’s still a lot you can do to help. Turn off the background music, or at least turn it down, or close the door to muffle the kitchen appliances. It makes a big difference in how clearly these voices can be captured.

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Experience slow motion and time lapse

Modern mobile phones has a mode for recording video in slow motion and a mode for time lapse, both of which are great tools for video. Of course, using them should make sense – slow motion slows down fast-paced actions and time-lapse speeds up long sequences.

In my ripe cider video, I used slow motion lighting the stove to give cinematic quality to the erupting flames. It also slowed down the footage of throwing ginger into the pan, creating a great slow motion effect on the cider splash. Up. Running a time lapse didn’t make much sense because it’s a short sequence, but if you want to capture the whole process of creating a time lapse from above up in the kitchen, for example, record a moving video. Perhaps more than a few hours is a great addition to a holiday movie.

edit the video

Once you have the video clips, put them together. This can be the hardest part, especially for those who are completely new to video production. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do things.

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