How to Slim Down iWork Keynote Pre­sen­ta­tions Using Icon Fonts

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How to Slim Down iWork Keynote Pre­sen­ta­tions Using Icon Fonts – Guide

If you create presentations even with a certain frequency, you should know that one of the main concerns when creating one is to find the right type of icons and graphics to use in them. Ideally, your graphics or other images for presentations should be large and come with transparent backgrounds to provide maximum flexibility when creating a lecture. But what if, instead of using image files, you could use icons that work and behave like fonts?

That’s exactly what we’re going to explain how to do it today. Using Keynote on your Mac, you will learn how to get special fonts that are actually icon sets and use them in your Keynote presentations.

So, is there any advantage to using these special fonts instead of image files?

In fact, there are some important advantages to following this path. But before explaining them, let’s actually get these special fonts up and running.

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Which sources to search?

The first thing to do is to find a website where you can download icon fonts for free. In this example, we will use the free icon font Entypo, but if you search the web, you will certainly find many more.

Source website

After finding the font of the icon of your choice, download and install it on your Mac. Here you have a good and detailed tutorial in how to They do this.

Downloaded font

Installed font

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Using icon fonts in Keynote

To start using the icon font in Keynote, when in a text box, click on the font drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the Keynote window. From there, scroll down and select the font for the icon you just installed.

Keynote test text

Choosing the Keynote font

After selecting it, all characters entered will be the icons for that font.

Now, as what you’re typing are icons, there’s no way of knowing which one is which. To solve this problem, here’s a great tip you can put it to use: First, with a common font, type all the letters on your keyboard from left to right until you get the keyboard layout on the screen as the image shows below. Take a screenshot of this layout.

Keynote keyboard layout

Then, switch to the icon font and type the same characters again until you get a layout of the icon set and take a screenshot of that icon as well. The result final is that you will have two layouts that you can use as one guide to know which key on your keyboard belongs to which icon.

Keyboard layout of the Keynote icon

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Benefits of using icon fonts

As for the benefits of using icon fonts, the first is that because these are the fonts you are using and not the images, the file size resulting from your Keynote presentations will be much smaller than when using images.

The second benefit of these fonts is that you can treat them like this – like fonts – so you can basically format them the way you would format a normal font: You can enlarge them, put shadows on them, change their colors and more.

Keynote icon fonts formatted

However, one thing to note: Since these are fonts and not images, if you plan to copy your presentation to another computer, first make sure to install the icon font on that computer as well, otherwise the icons will not be displayed correctly. Keep that in mind!

Well, there it is. Pretty cool, right? Make sure you take advantage of icon fonts. If you find the right ones for your Keynote presentations, they will be much smoother and look much better.

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Final note

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