How to Try Beta Version of

How to Try Beta Version of

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How to Try Beta Version of – Guide

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it is releasing a new and improved beta version of The company promises a faster experience and other news features as enhanced search. The beta version is an optional web experience and will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks. However, if you want to access it sooner rather than later, here are some tricks to test the beta sooner. If you already have access to the beta, you’ll see the following screen in the upper-right corner of your inbox when you sign in to your account on the web.

There you can activate the beta version. If you haven’t seen this screen yet, read on to learn how to turn it on. Microsoft yesterday unveiled a new beta version of that includes a revamped search interface and lots of GIFs. The software giant plans to release the new version gradually, but apparently few people are seeing the “try beta” opt-in. button still. If you’re still waiting, there’s a quick trick to get in early.

How to Try the Beta Version

  • To switch to Beta, simply swipe the Try beta bar on the Outlook interface to use it. Immediately the Outlook interface will switch to Beta.
  • When you click the Settings icon, you will see many options for customizing the Outlook interface, including personal settings in folders.
  • If you click View full settings button you will be moved to the custom interface with more complete options.
  • In the mailing section you will find emoticons with many options, especially GIF and emoji. We just need to click on the smiley icon in the email sending frame. Immediately to the right of the interface are lists of emojis and GIFs for you to choose from. You can click on the search bar to find the topic you like.
  • Also, when opening an email, users can chat with friends on Skype or even do phone calls to friends without interrupting your email browsing. So you can do a lot of things at once, instead of just browsing through email or just chatting with Skype friends in the Outlook interface. This feature currently only appears in Outlook. Click the Skype icon on the top interface bar to send Skype messages or video calls to friends directly from the Outlook interface.
  • Another novelty feature in the Beta version of is the Calendar app with a built-in date so users can jot down everyday tasks. In the leftmost interface, click the calendar icon to open the calendar interface.
  • Go back to the main interface of Beta, click the People icon in the left corner.
  • By clicking the image icon on the left interface of Beta, users will have new features that link Google Drive and Facebook accounts to manage images. Firstly, you need to agree that Microsoft can link to Google Drive or Facebook services.
  • By clicking the Task icon on the interface on the left side of the screen, we will be moved to the notes and tasks management interface in
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