How to Turn Off Roku Device

How to Turn Off Roku Device

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How to Turn Off Roku Device – Guide

Turning off a Roku streaming device can seem difficult, especially since these devices are designed to stay on at all times. However, if you want to power down the Roku, you can do so by physically disconnecting it from the power supply. You can also go to the Settings menu to see if you have any power options. The safest way to shut down Roku is to unplug it. If your device is plugged into your TV’s USB port, turning off the TV will also immediately turn off your Roku.

Roku devices are always designed to stay on, so they don’t lose their internet connection. This allows your device to download updates as they become available. A constant power supply also helps your device to boot up quickly when turning on the TV. The answer to the question may seem obvious at first – press the button button on your remote – but in reality, most Roku devices remain in a low-power state when you do this, which helps with downloading updates and quick boot times.

How to Turn off the Roku device

How to turn off a Roku 4

If you own a Roku 4 (pictured above), you’re in luck – the Roku 4 lets you fully shut down your device in just a few clicks.

  • Go to your Roku homepage and select Settings from the left sidebar.
  • Select System and then Power. You will have a few different options.
  • Shutdown allows you to shut down Roku immediately.
  • Auto power off lets you set up a schedule, so your Roku automatically turns itself off when it has been idle for long enough.
  • You can also go back to the System menu and select System Reset to turn your Roku off and on again.
  • How to turn off a Roku TV

    If you have a Roku TV, turning the TV off is the same as turning off the Roku. This goes for all Roku TVs, whether they are made by TCL, Insignia, Hisense or another company. But all these Roku TVs also have power saving features which can help further reduce the amount of electricity your Roku uses.

  • Go to your Roku homepage and select Settings from the left sidebar.
  • Select System and then Power. Here, select Automatic Power Saver.
  • You now have a variety of settings to go through.
  • Reducing power after 15 minutes will put your TV into low power mode after 15 minutes of idle time.
  • Turning off after 4 hours, as the title implies, will turn off your TV after four hours of idle time. This is great if you tend to nap during shows and movies.
  • Standby LED allows you to turn off the LED on the front of the TV when the TV is off.
  • TV quick start makes it so that even when the Roku TV is turned off, it remains “on”. This allows you to download updates and respond to voice commands from your remote. Disable this setting to save power.
  • Restarting the system will turn the Roku off and then back on again.
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