How To Uninstall/Remove Programs or Apps on MacBook

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Guide: How To Uninstall/Remove Programs or Apps on MacBook

If you are new to Mac OS, you will find that it is very different from Windows. Most of those differences are for the better, and you’ll quickly find that working with a Mac is simple, intuitive, and hassle-free. One of the things you may find very different is when you uninstall programs on a Mac. Instead of having to find the uninstaller like in Windows, you can send the program to the trash and macOS will take care of the rest.

Windows allows programs to install files as needed, usually through the startup disk. Programs can link to Windows core files, add any registry entry you want, and generally have free rein over the computer. That’s fine until it’s time to uninstall the program. Since apps are installed with a specific installer, they must also be removed with a specific uninstaller. Even if you use the uninstaller, the deletion process is often messy and leaves files behind. However, Apple does it differently.

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Apple is based on UNIX and does things in a more organized way. The operating system divides core files and user files into separate areas. Any program you install will be loaded into the / Applications folder within the user area and will not load anything into the core system. This has clear safety benefits, but also makes housekeeping much more effective.

Instead of using an uninstaller to locate program files in the operating system, all files for that program remain in the / Applications folder. When it comes time to uninstall the program, it can be done in a few seconds and will not affect the operating system in any way. Unlike Windows where the deletion process can damage the registry or leave traces.

So enough background information, let’s move on to the removal process.

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Uninstall programs on a Mac

As mentioned, the process is actually quite simple. It is one of the main advantages of macOS. To remove a program, first log in with an administrator account. It is important to make sure you are logged in with an account with administrator properties; otherwise you cannot delete the program of your choice. Then open the Applications folder on Mac OS and find the program you want to remove. Alternatively, you can use LaunchPad to find the application on your Mac. Click and hold the application icon and drag the program over your trash can in the bottom dock. Release the icon and your program will be removed.

Now open your library to find any preference files left by the app after uninstalling. You may want to find the preference files and delete those folders from your PC. Make sure to drag all preference files from your library to the trash. Then complete the deletion process by right-clicking the recycle bin and emptying the recycle bin to delete the files permanently.

You can also highlight the program you want to delete and press Command + Delete to immediately move it to the trash. If you are not signed in with an administrator account, you will be prompted for the administrator password when you try to uninstall programs on a Mac. Enter it to continue. You can also right-click a program and select Move to Trash. Like a final Note: Library is not always visible by default, so if you don’t see the item, press the Option key and click Go.

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As good as this system is, there are some programs that don’t play well with it. Some programs also drop files, such as in Windows. I know Microsoft Office for Mac and Adobe Photoshop are not always removed as cleanly as they should be. Flash and Java are also two known culprits that make removal as difficult as possible. Check out this post on how to uninstall Java. Talk about hard work!

There are third-party file cleaners that offer to find and clean all these leftover files up but I’ve never used one before. Since most program files are kept in the Applications folder and not in the core files, they don’t affect how you use your Mac too much. If it starts to slow down, just go back up via Time Machine and reset.

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Delete some built-in apps and system apps

MacOS goes to great lengths to protect users from malicious code. Newer versions use System Integrity Protection, which essentially locks system files so that nothing and no one can modify them. Great for protecting you from malware, not so good if you want to remove games or other apps.

You can turn off System Integrity Protection, but I wouldn’t recommend it. SIP is there to protect you and tampering with it is risky unless you really know what you are doing. Better to just ignore the apps you will never use and keep them safe from the cost of protection.

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