How to Use And Configure Widgets On PC

How to Use And Configure Widgets On PC

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How to Use And Configure Widgets On PC – Guide

If you like the What’s New & Interests board in Windows 10, you’ll be completely comfortable with the Widgets board in Windows 11. Use it to browse the web, read news on the go, check the weather, view photographs, or get updates from sports with a tick (or swipe). While gadgets are essentially controlled by Microsoft’s own administrations, there are plans to incorporate gadgets from outside vendors and distribution accomplices as well.

Windows 11 starts with a specific arrangement, but you can change the card however you like. Microsoft has already given gadgets a chance for savvy adaptations of Windows. However, we didn’t see them again with Windows 8, which brought the Metro UI and live tiles into the picture. It is currently 2021 and Windows 11 gadgets are back. The organization is bringing gadgets for the following Windows variant.

How to Use and configure widgets on PC

Open widget panel

Open the widgets panel by clicking the Widgets icon on the taskbar; looks like two rectangles. If you have a touchscreen device, swipe from the left side of the screen to open the panel.

From here, you can access a Bing-powered web search bar and various Microsoft-powered widgets. For example, the To Do widget is powered by Microsoft To Do and the Calendar widget is supported by Outlook. Keep scrolling to see a curated selection of news articles that align with your Microsoft news preferences.

Change widget size

Click on the ellipsis button inside a widget to change its size. Choose from small, medium, and large sizes to create a larger widget that shows more information, or a smaller widget that reduces what’s visible quickly.

customize widgets

Some widgets also have additional settings that you can change if you click on the ellipsis button and select Customize Widget from the menu. For example, Weather and Traffic widgets let you change your location, Sports lets you add teams to follow, and Watchlist lets you pin stock listings.

move widgets

Rearrange your widgets by dragging them to new locations. Hover over the top of a widget until the cursor becomes a hand. Grab the window and drag it to the new location; surrounding widgets must move to accommodate the change.

Add or remove widgets

To add new widgets, click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the panel (or click the Add widgets button button under currently pinned widgets). You can click on any of the widgets listed to add them to the dashboard. Remove a pinned widget by clicking its ellipsis button and choosing Remove Widget from the menu.

manage your interests

To manage your interests, click the profile icon and select Manage your news and interests at the bottom of the window (or select Manage interests in the ellipsis window for a specific article). This will open the Microsoft News My Interests page in your web browser. Here, you can select topics that interest you in categories like News, Entertainment, Sports, Shopping and more. You can also manage the list of editors you’ve followed or hidden.

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