How to Use CCleaner Efficiently: Tips and Tutorial

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Guide: How to Use CCleaner Efficiently: Tips and Tutorial

CCleaner is considered one of the best PC cleaning tools multiple cleaning tools in one interface to make sure your PC is clean and clutter-free. If you want to use CCleaner but don’t know how to, Can I help you get the most out of it.

In this post, I’ll show you some useful CCleaners tricks that will help you use it productively. Besides, I am going to explain how to use the built-in tools and get more out of it.

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CCleaner tips and tricks

Below are some CCleaners tips and tricks that will help you be more productive while cleaning your PC and get the best experience.

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1. Use multiple CCleaner tools at the same time

CCleaner has several tools, all of which depending on scanning your PC to clean it. However, you have to wait for the scan to complete to use another option. like you want to quickly run multiple scans at the same time, then use this simple trick

While CCleaner is open, hold down the shift key and click the icon in the taskbarYou can also double-click the CCleaner shortcut to open another copy of it. In the screenshot below you can see that I am running Driver Wiper scan and Cleaner tool’s scan at the same time.

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2. Save important cookies

Standard, CCleaner removes all browser cookies during the main scan because it considers cookies junk. CCleaner, however, offers you one option where you can select important cookies which will never be deleted in any of the scans.

To do this, go to Options section in CCleaner, then click CookiesHere you see two columns. The left column lists all the cookies on your PC and the right column lists all the cookies that are whitelisted to never be deleted.

You just have to double click the important cookies in the left column to whitelist them in the right column

save important cookies

Tip At the top of the list of cookies is a search bar. Use it to quickly find the necessary cookies.

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3. Manage cache

CCleaner is standard removes all browser cache and some of the OS cache during the scan. Such as take cache up quite a bit of space, it is good practice to delete it. But removing it also slows things down because data stored in the cache is reused by the browser to quickly access a website you have already visited.

Ideally, CCleaner should only delete the cache after a month. To prevent CCleaner from deleting the cache, go to the Application tab and clear the check box Internet cache option under all your browsers.

do not delete cache

Then go to it Windows tab and disable the option Thumbnail cache below the Windows Explorer section. This ensures that your folder with many thumbnails (such as images) will always load quickly.

do not delete the thumbnail cache

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4. Create a text file of all data on your PC

CCleaner has an obscure Save in text file button that is overlooked by many users. This button can create a text file with important data on your pc that can be used for diagnostic purposes. For example, you can create a text file containing all the programs on your PC and send it to an expert to see if there is a bad program.

To create a text file of your data, go to the Tools section and click removeYou will see a list of all the programs installed on your PC. Now click on it Save in text file button at the bottom right corner from the interface and save the file.

save data and text

The data is saved as a text file and anyone can open it to see what programs are installed on your PC.

data in text file

This button is available for other CCleaner tools also. Go to it Boot up section and you can create a text file for any programs set to start with Windows and even for items in the context menu.

The same applies to Browser plugins section you can create a text file with all extensions and plugins installed in all your browsers.

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5. Boost CCleaner with CCEnhancer

CCEnhancer is a third-party tool for CCleaner that, as the name suggests, improves the cleaning capabilities of CCleaner. It adds hundreds of cleaning options for applications that are on your PC.

Like it offers dozens of new cleaning options for Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers. Most of the data is cache, logs, dumps, temporary data and history, etc., but ultimately it depends on the program itself.

Just download and install CCEnhancer and it will be automatically integrated into CCleaner. After that, open CCleaner and go to it Applications tab in the Cleaner

You will see hundreds of new cleaning options categorized to make it easy to browse them. They are not selected by default, so you have to go through them all and have them cleaned


For example, you will notice that there are new cleaning options under Chrome browser, including Application Cache, backupup, exit code, crash reports, FlashPlayer cache, GPU cache and much more. You can enable these options to clean more thoroughly

although I will not recommend that you enable all options as you can end up something to delete. Check each option individually and then enable it, and if you see a negative impact; turn it off.

ccenhancer chrome options

I should also mention that after installing CCEnhancer, CCleaner took an extra few seconds to load all cleaning options.

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CCleaner built-in tools

Below I have explained all of the built-in tools in CCleaner to help you better understand what they are capable of:

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Registry cleaner

A lot of programs leave unnecessary entries in the registry when you delete them. These entries can pile up up over time and clutter the registry, which can lead to a slight performance loss and corrupt some apps. CCleaner Registry Cleaner removes these entries and cleans the registry

ccleaner registry cleaner

However, keep in mind that cleaning registry with an automatic tool carries the risk of deleting an important item that could damage your system.

My recommendation would be to go alone Clean the registry after every 6 months and make a backupup of the registry before doing thisCCleaner will ask you for a backupup before scanning the registry, don’t neglect it.

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Remove tool

This is similar to the Windows built-in uninstaller, but it has a handy one Repair option that can potentially fix problems with programs that don’t work properly. If you see an error with an installed program, try this Repair button to see if it helps.

ccleaner uninstaller

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Boot up

This option is for managing startup programs similar to those in Windows 8/10 Task Manager. While the interesting part here is the Scheduled tasks and Context menu section.

In the Scheduled tasks section, you can view all tasks that are set to run automatically and stop all unnecessary tasks (malware can also create such tasks). Context menu lists all the context menu items of a third-party program that might clutter your Windows context menu. You can easily enable / disable or delete items here.

ccleaner startup manager

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Browser plugins

It gives you the opportunity to manage extensions and plugins in all your browsers in one place. You will see all your installed browsers in the tabs above and all plugins and extensions below. From here you can easily enable, disable or remove plugins

browser plugin manager

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Disk Analyzer

A simple disk analyzer that scans all the data on your PC and displays it in a pie chart style. This makes it easy see which of the programs take up the most space and delete the unnecessary.

To be fair CCleaner Disk Analyzer is very limited, there are many disk space analyzers available that work much better than this tool.

disk analyzer

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Dual viewfinder

A powerful tool that can find and remove duplicate files on your PC that take up space for no reason. It allows you to find duplicates of the same name, size, changed data and even content.

It also has some handy ones ignore buttons that makes it very safe. In my opinion, CCleaner Duplicate Finder is more advanced and more secure than many dedicated Duplicate File Finder programs.

duplicate viewfinder

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When you delete a file, it is not actually deleted. The operating system just marks it as deleted and shows the space as free to keep the deletion process fastWhen you add more data, this data will be overwritten by the new data.

Unfortunately, a recovery program like Recuva (from CCleaner developers) can easily extract this deleted data, which can be a huge security risk.

Driver Wiper permanently removes this data and makes your deleted data unrecoverable. You can or clear free space on your pc or permanently delete all data in case you sell or dispose of the hard drive.

driver wiper

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CCleaner is definitely one great pc cleaning tool and has a lot of cool ones features worth watching. Above tricks and explanation of his features should help you use CCleaner better. If you know another cool tips and tricks or if you want to add more information, let us know in the comments.

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