How to Use Google Authenticator on Windows PC

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One of the best ways to protect your online accounts from compromise is to use two-factor authentication (2FA). This adds a second layer to the sign-in process, requiring you to use a one-time use code (usually created on your smartphone) to successfully sign in using tools like Google Authenticator. That is, of course, if you actually have a smartphone with Google Authenticator installed.

If you don’t, your options are limited, but it is possible to use Google Authenticator on your PC without needing another device. If you want to know how to use Google Authenticator on Windows 10, this is what you need.

Guide: How to Use Google Authenticator on Windows PC

Two-step verification has been one of the most common ways to order securely online accounts in recent years, as it allows for additional layers in the form of a time-based one-time password. A well-known app for this process was created by Google itself called Google Authenticator in Windows. The way to use this app to secure an account is you first miss a device that is compatible with it like iOS, Android, etc. This is because the Google Authenticator Windows app cannot be used for the PC and only supports mobile appliances.

However, Google Authenticator Windows is oriented around a well-documented algorithm, which is a good thing. Google Authenticator can generate TBOTPs, allowing other developers to create the apps they want. Windows PC authentication users can use an application such as WinAuth.

Using WinAuth as Google Authenticator for PC Authentication

WinAuth is a simple application that allows you to support Google Authenticator, Microsoft, and Through a simple open-source application that supports various two-step authentication apps:

  1. Extract the zip file and open your application after downloading it. It is a good thing because it is good to note that the downloaded application is very simple and easy to use as PC authentication.
  2. Click on the “Add” button and select the “Google option when you try to use Google Authenticator in WinAuth, click on its button ‘Add’ and select the ‘Google’ option. When you do this, the Google Authenticator configuration window will open. You need to enter the shared key given by Google to get the TOTP.
  3. Go to the Google account settings page to get your security key. Also, enable two-step verification. After you enable it, click on its button “Switch to the app.”
  4. Click on “Continue” after selecting the radio button “Android”. In reality, the option selected doesn’t matter as we won’t be using it on mobile devices with Google Authenticator on Windows.
  5. You can scan a barcode that appears after you perform the above step. Click the “Can’t scan the barcode” link to manually enter the shared secret key, as WinAuth does not support barcode scanning.
  6. Use the secret code on the screen by copying it.
  7. After you copy it, paste the code in the WinAuth window and “Verify” it to create a one-time password. It’s important to give your account an unforgettable name so that you can distinguish it when you have multiple Google Authenticator accounts.
  8. Google will show you a confirmation box to let you know everything was done correctly. Just click “Ok” to save your changes to your Google account.
  9. Click on the generated code to save the changes to the WinAuth application. You do this after going back to the WinAuth window

WinAuth opens a protective window after the “Ok” button has been clicked. This allows a password to be set that encrypts files stored by WinAuth. This ensures that unauthorized access is blocked. Create your password twice and then click “Ok” to save your changes. There is also a way to let WinAuth use your current computer. However, if you use password protection. It will be more feasible for PC authentication.

You can now use your Google Authenticator Windows PC with WinAuth.

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