How to use IOS 15’s Live Text

How to use IOS 15’s Live Text

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How to use IOS 15’s Live Text – Guide

iOS 15 Live Text can copy text from your photos and paste it into other apps. Live Text is one of the most impressive features on iOS 15. With Live Text, you can select and copy text from any photo, treating it like any other text. Live Text is also incredibly simple to use. Note that Live Text is only available on iPhones and iPads with an A12 Bionic chip or later. how to use Live Text on iOS 15, using the latest iOS 15 public beta version. If your iPhone Photos app is full of off-center business card images, recipes, and scribbled notes, then iOS 15 Live Text feature and to you. Using the camera app, the feature captures text (including handwriting) within photos, allowing you to copy and paste into apps like iMessage.

Make sure “Live Text” is turned on

  • touch the camera application.
  • Enable live text
  • O feature is enabled by default on iOS 15, but if not, go to Settings> Camera > Live text.
  • open the camera application

    Live Text makes use of camera app, so you’ll want to start by opening this up.

  • point the camera in the text
  • Tap the “Live Text” icon
  • choose your action
  • Using “Live Text” with iMessage

    You can also use Live Text through iMessage.

  • First, tap the text box, then tap “Text from Camera, ”And the text will be filled in automatically.
  • After capturing the text.
  • Tap “insert” and the camera the application will disappear from the iMessage window.
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