How to Use Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams

How to Use Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams

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How to Use Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams – Guide

Planner’s sophisticated terminology is a “work management application”. But we know it as a simple visual app that makes it easy to organize teamwork and manage tasks. Microsoft Planner helps you create plans, assign tasks and get reports quickly so you can see 100% of your team’s progress. Oh, and because it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, you can easily collaborate and communicate, even if everyone is working remotely. Like much of the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Planner integrates with Teams and other Microsoft solutions.

By integrating with MS Teams, Planner becomes a complete organizational tool. Employees will be able to share projects and tasks with each other, discuss their tasks and collaborate using various communication methods. MS Teams is already a powerful way for employees to connect. MS Teams organizes discussions and documentation, while MS Planner can help employees track individual tasks, tasks, and more. MS Planner is a streamlined and straightforward tool and doesn’t have the complexity or confusion that a more robust project management solution can cause. Instead, it supports projects managed via MS Teams.

How to use Microsoft Office 365 planner for project management

Microsoft Project is undoubtedly one of the best project management tools out there. However, Microsoft Project can be very complex and expensive to implement and use for most organizations.

So if you’re not ready to move on with full-featured project management tools, you can use Microsoft Planner for that. The best thing about the Microsoft Office 365 planner is its convenient user interface for new users. Planner is included in licensing for Office 365 users and has many Microsoft project management features features including progress tracking, reminders, task assignment and task management. Below we share more details about how to increase productivity with Microsoft Planner.

How to Use Office 365 Planner in Microsoft Teams

As mentioned above, the office 365 planner is a great tool for achieving significant productivity gains, making it easier for companies to organize teams, files, and communication. Earnings can even be maximized by leveraging the Office 365 planner in Microsoft Teams. You can easily integrate Planner with Microsoft Teams interface by following below mentioned steps;

Navigate to the Microsoft team

Navigate to the “Team” where you want to create a plan.

Add a Microsoft Planner tab

Click the “+” sign at the top of the “Team” to add a guide. Here, you need to choose “Planner” to create a new plan in Microsoft Planner.

Name your Microsoft Planner tab

After adding the “Planner”, you can give it a name.

Fill in your new plan

Once you finish naming the “Plan” (this may take a few seconds), you can immediately start assigning tasks to the Planner.

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