How to Use Split View on iPad

How to Use Split View on iPad

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How to Use Split View on iPad – Guide

With Split View you can have two apps permanently side by side on your iPad. Depending on the size of your iPad’s screen, these two apps may appear side by side as Compact (iPhone UI) or Normal (iPad UI). Apple has done a lot in recent years to make the iPad more attractive as laptop replacement, and many of these improvements are focused on multitasking. That’s great, but the problem is figuring out how to use all these multitasking tricks. Multitasking with Split View – or “split screen” as you often call it – is probably the most common way to multitask on the iPad, as it lets you view two apps side by side.

It doesn’t work with all apps and you can only use it with apps you have in the dock: in the “permanent” library on the left or in the “recently” opened section on the right. Fortunately, you can now add many apps to the Dock by dragging their icons under the home screen and subsequent application pages. In the middle of the Split View interface, you will see a dividing line that you can use to adjust the size of application windows. Place your finger on the thin gray line in the middle of the divider and press towards the app you want to close – and keep pressing down on the screen until the app disappears.

How to use split screen on iPad: How to to define up split view

  • Split View requires you to have at least the second app that will pair in the Dock. Drag it there if it’s not there, or open it so it appears in the recent items area of ​​the Dock on the right.
  • Open your first app, which will launch normally.
  • drag the Home index finger up until the Dock is visible, then lift your finger.
  • Tap and hold the second app you want to pair with the first.
  • Drag it towards the left or right edge of the iPad screen.
  • If the dragged app has a square shape, it doesn’t support Split View. Abandon the drag by returning the application to the Dock.
  • If it appears as a tall, narrow rectangle, drag it to the left or right edge of the screen, which will ‘push’ your first app inward. Let go and you’re in Split View, with two apps side by side.
  • How to use split screen on iPad: manage the set-up

  • By default, Split View gives each app half of the screen. But you can drag the vertical bar – the app divider – to adjust the aspect ratio so that one app takes up a quarter of the screen and the other takes up three quarters.
  • To revert your apps to full screen, drag the app splitter to an edge of the screen. Or to replace an app in Split View, drag a new app from the Dock into place.
  • Split View settings can also be viewed in App Switcher (drag up from the bottom edge and pause in the center of the screen). You can drag a new app from the Dock to a Split View pair in the App Switcher. This will bring that pair of apps to the front so you can drop the new app into one of your Split View points.
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