How to use your phone system to the cloud for hybrid work

How to use your phone system to the cloud for hybrid work

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How to use your phone system to the cloud for hybrid work – Guide

Given the global environment, hybrid work remains a priority for many organizations. Companies are working when /how to bring employees back to the office safely while keeping flexible work options available. In the midst of this transformation is calling and the ability to deliver a modern calling experience from anywhere. A recurring theme I often hear in my discussions with business leaders is a common struggle to adopt a hybrid work model that naturally maintains a productive workforce when more workers rarely enter the office. The reason behind the struggle is because communications across the company are still not as effective as when they were in the office full time. This challenge was solved for customers who adopted a more modern communication platform, such as Webex, which allows them to answer their calls, meetings from anywhere.

The answer is obvious when you consider the restrictions. Take your calling infrastructure to the cloud so employees can connect securely, quality and reliably from any location. This is usually where the second hurdle arises. up. How to Move your call and collaboration infrastructure to the cloud without disrupting all the workflows, call flows and custom applications that involve your business phone system and drive your business success.

Flexibility you need

Fortunately, this is where Cisco excels with our ability to engineer a smooth transition to the cloud. Our experience with our on-premises customers has allowed us to streamline planning and eliminate disruption to business workflows and call flows that affect cloud-only providers. Because every customer is unique, we’ve engineered a transition to successfully bring our customers from small to large businesses to the cloud with the flexibility of our partner portfolio and ecosystem.

It all starts with Webex, the most complete collaboration experience you can find, combining industry-leading calls, meetings, messaging, voting, events and contact center services, integrated with smart devices for any desktop. Webex Calling is our cloud business phone system, a core element of Webex Suite. Webex Calling elevates the call experience of just hear, see and do, doing business as part of a seamless collaboration experience.

Dedicated experience

Webex Calling now includes a dedicated cloud instance option based on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager architecture. The dedicated instance is integrated with Webex Calling and takes advantage of Webex platform services, bringing cloud innovation and an enhanced experience to customers who need to support older Cisco endpoints, on-premises survivable solutions, or existing integrations that are part of streams critical work tools. Customers now have even more flexibility to combine fully interoperable on-premises, dedicated, and multi-tenant cloud calling services to address complex deployment needs such as geographic regulatory compliance.

management simplicity

While we’re focusing on simplifying the move to the cloud, we’ve also improved how customers can manage their calls and devices through a single pane of glass. We understand the cost in time and resources our customers face when acquiring, provisioning and managing multiple systems from multiple vendors. Provisioning alone can be time consuming and very frustrating. With Webex Calling and Control Hub, we simplify set-up, provisioning, and management with Cisco Calling Plans and Integrated Cloud Connected PSTN. Administrative tasks that used to take days now take minutes.

Expansion of service plans and global coverage

Another area that really excites me is the recent announcement of the expansion of our calling plans for Webex Calling. Webex Calling currently supports 85 markets worldwide and we now support cloud-connected PSTN in 65 countries. This makes it easier for our customers to securely manage their collaboration operations in the cloud. Our Cisco calling plans have recently expanded to add the UK as well as the US and Canada, with more to come.

Overall, we have an exciting work going on. These improvements are a true testament to our efforts to streamline operational processes while providing an improved customer experience with more flexibility. All of this while offering global coverage combined with the quality of service and security for which Cisco is known.

Are you ready to start your journey?

If you are considering moving to the cloud, Webex Calling can provide the most flexible and comprehensive calling options with options for your global needs. We have something for everyone, whether you are a small company, a single person or a large company.

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