How to use YouTube in Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS

How to use YouTube in Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS

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How to use YouTube in Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS – Guide

YouTube Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is available for Android Phones for years, ever since YouTube Premium was branded YouTube Red. However, Google had been denying iOS users this feature, stating that Apple does not allow developers to put features that use iOS APIs behind paywalls. Therefore, YouTube could not support this feature on iOS without making it free for everyone, as PiP is one of those APIs.

Although it’s not clear how and why exactly Google has now been able to add this exclusive Premium feature for iOS, subscribers will be able to try it for the first time on the iPhone app. Safari workarounds for using PiP do exist, but YouTube tends to fix them from time to time, making it harder for iOS users to watch YouTube videos while browsing their browsers. phones.

How to enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode in YouTube iOS app

Follow the steps below to enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode feature on your iPhone:

  • Make sure your YouTube app is up Until the present date.
  • Subscribe to YouTube Premium if you’re not already subscribed (psst, yeah cheaper on, compared to the price tag in the iOS app).
  • Launch the app and access your settings, accessible by clicking on your account profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Try new Features section and scroll down to find Picture-in-picture on iOS.
  • Click Activate and force the YouTube app to close.
  • Restart the YouTube app and go back to settings.
  • Go to the General section and toggle Image to Image.
  • Voila, it’s done! If you don’t see the PiP toggle in the general settings right away, force the app to close a few times and wait a while.
  • If the toggle appears in the YouTube general settings, but the feature does not work, make sure you have PiP enabled in the iOS Settings app under Settings > General > Picture in Picture.
  • YouTube describes the feature as follows:

    “If you leave YouTube, the videos remain on a miniplayer on top of other apps. “Automatically Start PiP” must also be enabled in the device settings. ”

    It’s worth mentioning that YouTube is also testing a translation button in the comments section. Helps you understand comments typed in a foreign language. However, you can only try a trial feature each time, so it’s PiP or the comment translations. Experimental Features are available exclusively on YouTube Premium, priced at $11.99/month for the individual US plan (price may vary by region).

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