How to utilise Google Assistant to fix compromised passwords

How to utilise Google Assistant to fix compromised passwords

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How to utilise Google Assistant to fix compromised passwords – Guide

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google available primarily on mobile and intelligent home devices. Unlike Google Now, the company’s previous virtual assistant, Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. Assistant initially debuted in May 2016 as part of the Google Allo messaging app and its Google voice-activated speaker. Home.

After a period of exclusivity on Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, it began rolling out to other Android devices in February 2017, including third-party smartphones and Android Wear (now Wear OS), and as a standalone app on iOS. was released on the OS in May 2017. In addition to the announcement of a software development kit in April 2017, Assistant has been expanded further to support a wide range of devices, including cars and third-party smart devices home devices. The wizard’s functionality can also be extended by third-party developers.

Users interact with Google Assistant primarily through natural voice, although keyboard input is also supported. Similar to Google Now, Assistant can search the internet, schedule events and alarms, adjust hardware settings on a user’s device, and show a user’s Google Account information. Google also announced that the Assistant will be able to identify objects and collect visual information through the device. camera, and help buy products and send money.

At CES 2018, the first smart display with assistant (Smart Speaker with Video Display) was announced, the first being released in July 2018. As of 2020, Google Assistant is already available on over 1 billion devices. Google Assistant is available in over 90 countries and in over 30 languages ​​and is used by over 500 million users monthly.

How to use Google Assistant to fix your compromised passwords

Now, changing passwords can be a real challenge. Especially for those who are not so tech savvy. Google, via Chrome and its password manager, has made this a lot easier. Including introducing a security check feature, which pretty much completes the task for you. But this youngest feature, using Google Assistant to fix compromised passwords should be even easier.

In particular, this is because it guides users through the process from start to finish. No need for a lot of browsing, let alone navigating an external site manually. That said, getting to feature is not the most intuitive process. Google has placed it in a similar location to Safety Check, and as of now, some may have to navigate there manually. Rather than being taken there via a prompt about password security. None of this means it’s difficult. And the following steps should get you there relatively quickly, as is the case with all of our guides.

  • Open up Google Chrome on your mobile device — this method for fixing compromised passwords doesn’t just rely on the Assistant to begin with, as noted above. So Chrome will be needed, for now, in a phone or tablet. Although it may eventually work without, as voice recognition improves
  • Tap the three-dot overflow icon located in the upper-right corner of the Chrome UI. This is in the form of three dots, aligned vertically
  • Select the “Settings” option from the resulting menu, accompanied on the left by a gear-shaped icon
  • In the following menu, select the “Passwords” option. This will be listed in the middle of the page when it first loads up.
  • At the top of the page, just above the list of account passwords saved in the Google account, there is the “Verify passwords” option available. select that one
  • Chrome will first go through a scan of all associated passwords saved in your Google account, checking for compromised passwords to fix – Assistant will still not be readily apparent
  • If you don’t have compromised passwords, you’ll see a results screen that indicates this. As shown in our images below. You can stop following these steps here for now, if that’s the case. You don’t have any passwords, saved by Google, that necessarily need to be changed
  • If you have compromised passwords, they will be listed. next to a button labeled “Change password”. A part of them too feature the Google Assistant icon. Tap to select one of these buttons, for the password you want to change
  • Google will redirect you to a new page titled “Let Google Assistant help you change your password”. It also details what to select the “Agree” option button will do. That is, to give the Assistant access to the URLs and contents of sites where the Assistant is used. Information can also be stored by Google, so it’s worth taking note for those who are more concerned about privacy. If you agree to allow Google Assistant to complete actions on your behalf “across all sites” in Chrome, select “Agree” button. Otherwise, select “Cancel” if you prefer to avoid giving the Assistant so much access
  • Follow the Google Assistant’s instructions to change your password. At each step, the Assistant will tell you exactly what it is doing and ask for confirmation. Including confirmation that you still accept the cookie policies for sites that require a password change. Any and all changes will be automatically saved to your passwords stored in your Google account and/or stored in Chrome. That way, you won’t have to remember the new passwords you set.
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