How to Verify the Specs of Mac Online

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How to Verify the Specs of Mac Online – Guide

There are many reasons why you may want to know exactly what components are on your Mac. You may want to buy a new game, application or accessory and want to know if it is compatible and if your Mac has enough power to run it. Or you may be thinking of selling your Mac, in which case you also want to know what processor it uses and how much RAM it has. You might also want to know what Mac is and what year the model is; in this case, read How to Find out which Mac you own.

Whatever the reason, here is a quick and easy way to discover all the specifications of your Mac:

  • Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your Mac.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Choose the main option: About this Mac.
  • The resulting window should show the information you need, including processor speed, memory and graphics card information.
  • You can get more details by clicking on the tabs above, such as Storage (to see how much disk space you have) and Memory (to see how much RAM you have and whether there is room to add more).
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    Check with the Apple registry

    If you registered your product with Apple using your Apple ID, they keep a history of all your interactions with them. Apple calls this the Support Profile. It’s kind of scary at first, but it’s also really cool!

    Observation: This tool cannot look up The exactly specifications of a specific Mac. If the hard drive or RAM was changed after shipping, online tools will not know this information.

    You will need your Apple ID, password and two-factor device at hand (if applicable) to pull up your support profile. Go to and enter your Apple ID. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, confirm your information there.

    While you are there: Update your phone number and personal information. When Apple has this, it optimizes your support experience.

    After confirming who you are, you will see a list of all products purchased or registered with your Apple ID. Click on that device and you will get the serial number along with the computer type and model designation. Let’s find out how to use this model designation to obtain the likely specifications for that computer.

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    Check with Apple Support

    If you have not registered your Apple product or if it is not registered for you, there is a workaround. However, you will need your computer’s serial number. Go to the Apple support page and search for Verify service and support coverage. It is currently at the bottom of the page.

    Follow this link and enter your serial number and captcha. You will then obtain the correct model designator. From there, you can see the typical specs for that model.

    If you have the serial number: EveryMac has a useful search tool that looks like up specifications based on the serial number.

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    Search for your exact Mac model

    Once you know the model of your Mac, you need to find out the typical specifications for that model. Apple maintains a complete database on this at Look for technical specifications at the bottom of the screen. Select this and choose Browse by product. Then, you will get a search window. Go ahead and enter your previous model designator and click search.

    Look at this information up oftentimes? Check out the Mactracker. They have an iOS and macOS app to search for up Macintosh specifications. I use this all the time to sell things on eBay.

    From there, Apple will display a list of matching models. Choose the one that matches your model and here are your specifications. This tool cannot look up the exact specifications for a specific Mac. If the hard drive or RAM was changed after shipping, online tools will not know this information.

    In most situations, the System Report provides the exact details of your Mac. If it doesn’t start up or isn’t practical, these options are a good alternative. It’s great to know if your Mac has been stolen and you need to report the details to the police or your insurance company.

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