How to watch F1 on TV using Chromecast

How to watch F1 on TV using Chromecast

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How to watch F1 on TV using Chromecast – Guide

Formula 1 is the most prestigious motorsport event, loved by millions of people around the world. Recently, F1 2022 started and people started looking for ways to broadcast the events. if you want to keep up with F1 2022 live, the F1 TV is all you need. It offers live races, replays, F1 documentaries, expert commentary, etc. F1 TV lets you take control of live and on-demand events. While you can find the F1 TV app on the Play Store and App Store, it is not available for Chromecast. However, you can cast videos from the F1 TV app to your Chromecast TV using screen mirroring feature.

The F1 TV app is all you need if you don’t want to miss out on the Grand Prix, exclusive shows and more. To get premium F1 content, you’ll need to purchase the F1 TV Pro subscription, which costs $79.99 per year, and the F1 TV Access subscription, which costs $26.99 per year. With the subscription you get all live F1, F2 and F3 races, team radios, race highlights, tire usage history, live driver cards, Porsche Supercup replays and much more. In this article, we will show you how to watch Formula 1 on TV with Chromecast.

How to watch F1 on TV using Chromecast

In the older version of F1 TV, you can cast the videos to Chromecast. But with the latest update, Cast feature It’s added. So if you have the older version of the F1 TV app, please update it from the Play Store or the App Store.

How to Chromecast F1 TV using smartphones

For Android and iOS devices, you can use the steps below to cast F1 TV app to Chromecast or any Chromecast compatible TV.

  • Open the updated F1 TV app on your smartphone.
  • Log in with your Formula 1 account if prompted.
  • Play any of the app’s running videos.
  • On the playback screen, tap the Cast icon.
  • A list of streaming devices will appear. Tap your Chromecast device.
  • After that, the race will appear on your TV.
  • How to cast F1 TV using Chrome browser

  • Open the Chrome browser and go to
  • Log into your account using your credentials.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the Cast option from the menu.
  • The browser will look for the available device name and display it. Click the Fonts drop-down box.
  • Choose the Cast tab and click on the Chromecast device.
  • Now choose your favorite video and enjoy streaming on TV.
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