How to watch JioTV on your Smart TV or Laptop/PC

How to watch JioTV on your Smart TV or Laptop/PC

This guide is about How to watch JioTV on your Smart TV or Laptop/PC. So read this free guide, How to watch JioTV on your Smart TV or Laptop/PC step by step. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

How to watch JioTV on your Smart TV or Laptop/PC – Guide

JioTV app is very reliable for watching many platform TV channels in multiple languages. But now it’s limited to Android smartphones or tablets and Jio decoders. Instead, there is a way to download and install it on a Laptop/ PC or Smart TV.

The JioTV app is very popular among Reliance Jio customers. It offers a wide range of channels that you can watch for free if you have an active Jio connection. This means you don’t need to subscribe to the app to watch any channel or program within the app. It’s like a complete TV entertainment package along with other benefits like exclusive JioTV channels. Jio’s customers identify very well with this.

So, talk about the benefits of JioTV

  • The app offers over 600 TV channels, including around 100 HD channels.
  • You can also find many regional language channels for local viewers in India.
  • For such variety, you can get lots of content from movies, sports, shows, news, etc. in the app.
  • You can pick up up with seven-day programs, which is great.
  • Also, you can pause and play channels if you wish.
  • It’s completely free for Reliance Jio customers.
  • The app is very user friendly and you can control it easily.
  • You can watch exclusive channels like JioSprots or JioFootball etc.
  • But the main negative thing you can find about the app is that it’s only available for Android phones or Jio tablets and decoders. The company has not yet released the PC application /Laptops or Smart TVs.

    So the question arises: is there any way to watch it on these devices? Well you can still download and install it on such devices to watch it on a bigger screen.

    Download and install JioTV on a smart TV or Laptop using kodi

  • O Jio TV app it is not officially available on a smart TV.
  • So, look for the Kodi app on your Android TV using the Game store platform.
  • So download the Kodi App to install it on your TV.
  • open the application and jump inside Definitions then select the ‘File manager‘and followed by’add source‘.
  • It will ask for a path, so just type and it will also ask for a name. Model ‘BotAllen‘for the name.
  • So, jump on Definitions menu select Complements It’s from zip file delete Install.
  • Select BotAllen from here and click on the zip file of repository.botallen.
  • After that, go back to Complements, and in the repository click on ‘Install‘.
  • So just select BotAllen repository followed by video Complements and you need to go to Jio TV.
  • The application will be installed on Kodi by the repository.
  • When you’re going to launch JioTV on Kodi, a ‘Configure‘will be visible there.
  • just go to Configure so click PVR client and download customer enter the list.
  • After that, under Configure select log in option>keyboard and, lastly, OTP.
  • enter your Jio number there to get a OTP in that number.
  • Finally, you are ready to go enjoy JioTV by opening the app.
  • Go to Definitions, select Add-Ons.

    After that, click on the Download and then “Video add-ons”.

    After that, click on the “options” and then “Check for updates“.

    Now, search for “JioTV”Complements.

    When opening the Add-on, click on the “Install“Option.

    Now you will have the JIOTV under Addons from you Kodi Panel.

    Select Category and then Show. Observation: To watch, you will be asked to enter the “Username and password” of your JIO account.

    How can you download and install JioTV in a Laptop/ PC through an emulator.

    You can use the previous steps using the Kodi application on Windows or Mac OS. However, there is another easy way provided in the steps provided below.

  • Here also the JioTV app is not officially available. So you need a Android emulator to access it on a PC or laptop.
  • There are many android emulators you can get as BlueStacks, Nox, PrimeOS, etc. to use one of them for you.
  • Get any of the Android emulators by downloading them to your PC. we will take Bluestacks on here.
  • With your google account, to enter in the emulator after opening it.
  • Search for the JioTV app on the Google Play Store of your laptop or PC.
  • In BlueStacks, download and install it and then open it.
  • Use your active Jio number to log into OTP and enter OTP to enjoy content on JioTV.
  • These are the two ways you can use to download the JioTV app on your other devices where officially the app is unavailable. With the help of these options, you don’t have to stop yourself from watching the app on a screen larger than yours.

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