How Twitter iOS Looks

How Twitter iOS Looks

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How Twitter iOS Looks – Guide

Twitter iOS would be bringing something to users, and it’s an end-to-end media for Timeline, aiming to bring a new experience and look to the app. Supposedly, the feature would help maximize the user’s scrolling or browsing experience and would effectively emphasize the image or video to be featured.

The short word social media app has made its platform more accessible and user-centric, and this was evidenced by the popular “Super Follow” feature to help with monetization. However, there are still others features that they plan to bring to the platform.

Twitter iOS: End-to-End Tweets

As initially revealed by Twitter Support, the iOS version of the app would have an “end to end” feature for your media that would appear on the timeline. This would enlarge the photo to fill the entire display in the middle, in a horizontal expansion to show all the media.

This would apply to images and clips or photos and videos posted by users on your timeline. Viewing a tweet image would not have to click on the media itself, as the feature it would effectively capture the huge screen and be able to show the entire image without cropping, deleting or omissions.

The social media app claims that end-to-end would effectively help bring media more outward than on the platform. Said media would “shine” more on the timeline, something the app highlighted with the new feature with the aim of making Twitter more attractive to users and stakeholders.

Twitter Features

Twitter has a lot of news features on its platform to improve the user experience through social media, bringing features for the public. One is Twitter’s Safe Mode, which can effectively filter out any spam or harassing messages and prevent unknown people from hacking into a social media account.

The loss of Fleets certainly didn’t affect Twitter as much, as it focused on other endeavors such as the monetization focus for influencers and personalities, as well as the famous Twitter Spaces.

The audio-only experience through the platform has proven to be a feature users would use and sponsor, mainly because it brought a new experience to the public.

Social Media User Experience

Twitter is all about user experience, and the different experiments, tests or versions it brings to the app show how much time and effort they are putting into their users. While some are sought after by the public, others features are not that attractive to them.

The new end-to-end media tweets have something new to introduce people to, and it could be something that would be pros or cons for long-time Twitter users. It is important to note that users would have difficulty adapting to new concepts, especially with regard to the media and the look of the timeline itself.

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