How you can automatically save text messages on your iPhone or Android.

How you can automatically save text messages on your iPhone or Android.

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How you can automatically save text messages on your iPhone or Android. – Guide

Not long ago, an Instagram follower came to me because she lost all her text messages. This included a three-year argument with her husband, who has just died. You can imagine the heartbreak.

With everything we do and store on our devices, we have a lot to lose. If you don’t save things right, your files will disappear forever in a crash. Tap or click to see ways to check if your computer’s hard drive is failing.

looking for your phone, there are messages you don’t want to miss. you can support them up using your phone’s native apps or choose a third-party option.

A great option for iPhone owners

Your iCloud account is powerful. It contains your messages, photos, emails, contacts, notes, passwords and more.

Messages on iCloud automatically update so you can see them on all your devices. This means that if your iPhone eats dust, you can access your messages on a Mac, iPad, or other Apple device with your Apple ID.

Please note that when you delete a message or conversation from a device, it completely disappears from your account.

To ensure your messages are saved, open Settings on your iPhone and tap its name. Then tap iCloud and turn on Messages.

Tip on a Tip: Want to organize your iPhone apps? You don’t need to move them one at a time. Move multiple apps by long-pressing an app with one finger, then use another finger to tap and drag another icon. Stack it on the first selected app.

Keep stacking apps. When done, drag and drop the entire stack wherever you want.

Or try this option

If you don’t want to rely on iCloud, iExplorer lets you access, view and transfer music, messages, photos and files from any iOS device to any Mac or PC.

The iExplorer SMS client works with all types of text messages, including groups and messages containing media such as videos and images. iExplorer allows you to access and save your iPhone messages on your Mac or PC as a .PDF, .TXT or .CSV document.

how to transfer text messages from your iOS device to your computer:

• Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iExplorer.

• Click the Data tab and then Messages button.

• If you have not created an iTunes backup on this computer, you will be asked if you want to. Choose yes. If you already have an iTunes backup and it is more than 24 hours old, iExplorer will ask you if you want to Use last backup or update.

• When iExplorer has finished loading your messages, choose a conversation in the left pane. Use the icons to filter by date range, show attachments or simply export the entire conversation.

For Android, try this app

If you have an Android phone, there are useful apps that make the backup process easier. SMS Backup & Restore is a solid option with good reviews.

The application creates a local backup, in XML format, of the messages and call logs in your phone when you run it. You can do this manually or schedule recurring backups automatically. You can then save this backup to the cloud storage of your choice.

The app can also restore messages from existing backups. This includes group messages and messages containing photos, music and videos.

Here it is how to use SMS Backup & Restore:

• Download and launch the app and grant the necessary permissions.

• Tap Set Up a backup. Turn off call logs if you just want to go back up your messages and tap Next.

• Select your cloud storage and login. When you’re done, tap Save.

Select your upload options: Over Wi-Fi and/or while uploading and tap Next.

• Choose a backup frequency and tap Back Up Now.

Speaking of Android, you can make your Android device work with your Windows PC. Is easy! Tap or click here for steps to connect an Android phone for a Windows 10 PC.

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