How you can Avoid Damage To Mobile Phone

How you can Avoid Damage To Mobile Phone

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How you can Avoid Damage To Mobile Phone – Guide

How often or how often do we use our mobile phones daytime? Teenagers certainly use it for many hours, but recently adults are also taking it more. With the advent of the Internet and the latest generation of electronic devices, it is increasingly difficult to “break through”. Because it promotes the Social website even more We spent a lot of time on it.

As with everything else, there are pros and cons to using a mobile phone. Disadvantages include battery damage.

The latter is perhaps the most important part of creating a mobile phone because without it it wouldn’t even work. For this reason, it is important to be careful not to damage the battery accurately. How many times have you bought a cell phone phone with an overload and after several months you notice a drop in performance?

This is mainly because we make mistakes. First of all, we shouldn’t charge when we have a mobile phone, especially when we use it. Between charging and improved operation, the battery may experience an underestimated temperature rise.

So all we have to do is turn off the mobile phone and then connect it to the charger so that the battery is not damaged. Only in this way can we safely load the mobile phone and the battery. Also, we are not tempted to use it. In the meantime, we are studying a beautiful book or watching TV. Here it is how to avoid damage to a mobile phone while thanks to this smart trick. But charging a mobile phone, besides the technical aspect of the battery, it can be damaged in other ways. Let’s look at it in more detail.

How to avoid damage to Mobile Phone While Thanksgiving is brilliant Trick

It is customary to put the mobile on the ground when connecting to a charger. Someone might accidentally step on it. Or we put it on a coffee table. What happens if someone moves the table and accidentally drops the cell phone phone?

Other problems, such as damage to the liquid crystal or broken glass on the screen, can arise from the drop.

We suggest a little smart trick to prevent that from happening. Let’s take a simple shampoo. With a feltrotip pen, draw a horizontal line under the cap over the large area of ​​the bottle. But on the other hand, we need to find the continuity of the line to the right and to the left and draw a kind of mountain. We remove the excess with a knife or cutter. In “Matt” we cut the size of the battery charger with a marker. We cover the entire surface with sandpaper.

We put the mobile phone inside the box made with the wire, while the battery charger should extend out of the window and connect. Newspaper.

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