How you can build a wall-mounted PC

How you can build a wall-mounted PC

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How you can build a wall-mounted PC – Guide

If you’re looking for a new way to showcase your PC building skills, a wall-mounted PC might be one of the best ways to showcase your build. Mounting a PC on the wall can be challenging and, depending on your style, can range from a little difficult to overly complicated.

Building and wall-mounting a PC is not recommended for first-time builders or those who are not comfortable with power tools. It’s a good idea to read the entire article before starting so that you can plan your construction ahead of time.

Advice before starting

plan everything

Before purchasing a single item, you should pre-plan your build, not just in the normal sense of building a PC to ensure that the hardware is compatible, but the design and style as well.

Draw your PC’s build. You don’t need to be an artist or a Blender master. All you need is a way to view your PC. This helps you plan your construction and see any possible problems you might encounter.

Plan hardware locations. Even with an outdoor case, you still need to cool your motherboard. If you also want to use the same fan for your video card, you can keep them closer together.

Strengthen your footer. If your baseboard looks weak, don’t be afraid to reinforce it. Use metal rods or some two-by-fours along the back to help, but don’t place them anywhere you plan to drill holes or drill holes.

turning on your PC

If you are using a case, to turn on the PC, just press a button. However, when mounting on the wall, you need to be a little more creative. If your motherboard doesn’t come with a power supply button on it, you can always start. Those who feel a little less daring, or don’t feel like standing up every time, can buy an on/off switch online. Builders who feel extremely creative can connect up their own.

USB ports

With the PC mounted on the wall, you may not want to run additional cables through the wall just to connect a mouse. You might want to place your USB ports further down or on your desk.

Pre-drill your holes

Before starting to install your hardware, you need to pre-drill the holes in its base.

  • Layout your hardware on construction paper.
  • Mark where the holes are in the paper using a pen or Sharpie.
  • Place the paper on the board.
  • Drill the marked holes in the paper.
  • screw sizes

    Make sure you have the correct size screws. You don’t want to try to force a large screw into a smaller hole or use too small a screw size and cause your video card to fall off the wall and die.

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