How you can edit Memories in iOS 15 Photos

How you can edit Memories in iOS 15 Photos

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How you can edit Memories in iOS 15 Photos – Guide

The memories feature on iOS 15 Photos is one of my favorites. This is the auto-formed collection, where your iPhone recognizes images taken at the same event or the same day and automatically groups them into a slideshow with transitions, crossfades, and decent music. Sure, it’s beautiful to see those long-forgotten photos popping up on my iPhone, but what I really like is how little I have to do.

But if I wanted to tinker with the memories that Photos compiled, I could. And, due to some improvements in iOS 15, I now have more options at my disposal to customize Memories to my preferences.

memory mixes are a feature iOS 15 that allows you to customize the background music that plays in memory. (If you’re an Apple Music user, you’ll have access to the entire repertoire of this streaming service.) You can also change the appearance of images using filters that adjust the color and contrast of photos in a memory to aid in your transformations.

what is the most attractive aspect of this feature? It’s quite simple to maintain, although it does require some involvement on your part. O final product is also extremely attractive.

Here it is how to use the new music and filtering features in iOS 15 Photos to enhance your memories.

1. Launch the Photos app and tap the For you tab. Memories are at the top of this page and you can tap View All for a complete list.

2. Select the memory you want to edit by touching it. The memory will start playing.

3. To change music playback, press memory during playback (or press the pause button button if you want to edit without playing the slideshow). Tap the musical note icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

4. A band will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating the name of the song being played and the filter used. For more examples, you can tap the music icon.

Alternatively, you can swipe to the left in this lower band to see more examples of songs associated with different filters. For now, let’s just focus on the music.

5. When you tap the music icon, you will see the music suggested by apple’s best cues, soundtracks, and music cues. Note that for this third option, you can preview, but only Apple Music subscribers can make the selection permanent.

You can scroll to see different music samples. Tap a song to play an audio sample.

6. When you find the selection you want, press done. Your slideshow will resume with the new music in place.

7. To change the filter, tap the Memory Looks icon in the lower right corner.

8. You will see a selection of a dozen different looks. Tap what you prefer.

9. Tap Done and your slideshow will resume with the new filter in place.

10. When you’re done editing, just tap the memory again and tap the X in the upper left corner. You will return to the For you page.

Do you see many identical memories? Or have the photos generated a memory you don’t particularly like? Here it is how to Get more control over what memories are served in iOS 15 Photos.

1. Tap the Options icon in the memory overview window. It is the circle with three points.

2. In the context menu, you can ask Photos to show less memory or to delete it entirely. You can also change the title.

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