iOS 12: ‘Do Not Disturb at Bedtime’ Helps Fight iPhone Addiction

iOS 12: ‘Do Not Disturb at Bedtime’ Helps Fight iPhone Addiction

iOS 12 includes a number of new ones feature aimed at helping users manage the increasing demands placed on them mobile appliances. One of them feature is an extension of the existing Do Not Disturb option called Do not disturb before going to sleep when enabled, Do Not Disturb During Bedtime goes beyond mute calls and notifications. It completely clears your lock screen of all information except the time, date, and, optionally, the next day’s weather during your specified “bedtime” hours.

The point here is that simply silencing calls and alerts was not enough; many users have become used to it – some may say they are addicted to – constantly checking their iPhone. Do not disturb the old one feature audible alerts, but still showing all those text messages, Facebook status updates, and missed calls on the lock screen, enticing users to check in again.

‘Do Not Disturb at Bedtime’ tries to solve iPhone addiction by keeping your lock screen clear of unnecessary information.

Do Not Disturb at Bedtime tries to solve this problem by keeping your lock screen free of unnecessary information. You can still access that information if you really need to by unlocking your device and opening the Notification Center, but the hope is that you won’t be tempted by keeping the lock screen clean.

This would then lead to healthier habits and less distraction during rest periods, so if you’d like to try this new one feature in iOS 12 to see if it improves your relationship with your iPhone, check out the steps below. There are two ways to turn on Do Not Disturb During Bedtime: from Settings and in the Clock app.

Turn on Do Not Disturb Before Bed in Settings

  1. Launch Settings and select Do not disturb.
  2. Switch the Scheduled option if it is not already on, then tap the time range to set the hours you want Do Not Disturb to turn on automatically.
  3. After you set your schedule do not disturb the period, use the switch to enable Bedtime.
  4. While Do Not Disturb During Bedtime is turned on, calls and notifications are muted and your iPhone’s lock screen hides all notifications and information except the date and time.

Turn on Do Not Disturb Before Bedtime in the Clock app

The above method allows for Do Not Disturb Before Bed every day. If you use the feature only occasionally can you instead turn it on only for the days when you use Apple’s bedtime alarm?

  1. Launch its Clock app and select Bedtime from the list of icons at the bottom of the screen.
  2. On the Bedtime screen, drag the sliders to set your bedtime and wake time, then tap Options.
  3. Use the switch to turn on Do not disturb while sleeping.

For those who enable Do Not Disturb Before Bed using either method, note that the same exceptions are available for the old Do Not Disturb feature also applies. Specifically, you can choose the options Settings> Do Not Disturb to decide whether to mute calls and notifications only when your iPhone is locked or always during the scheduled Do Not Disturb period.

And to make sure you don’t miss an important call while Do Not Disturb is on, you can choose to allow calls from your Contact Favorites, defined contact groups, or individual contacts who have been set to Emergency Bypass status.

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