iPhone 13 launch: How you can watch Apple’s live event today

iPhone 13 launch: How you can watch Apple’s live event today

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iPhone 13 launch: How you can watch Apple’s live event today – Guide

The Apple event, where we expect a new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch, has started.

Welcome to CNET’s coverage of the big Apple iPhone event, scheduled to start at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET. We’ll be covering the event live here, with details on breaking news, as well as offering an in-depth analysis and perspective you can only get here. Go ahead.

No more pop and rock

9:57 am PT

Apple used to have a playlist prepared for its events with hit songs from hit groups like Coldplay to little-known musicians who suddenly found fame in the background of Apple advertisements and events. But since Apple started broadcasting its events in the midst of the pandemic, it’s moved to something more artistic — what I’ll call corporate classical music and pop.

To see if it’s worth it, I checked on Apple-owned Shazam to see if maybe this was an artist I’d never heard of. No – Shazam didn’t hear either. At least it’s kind of catchy.

our show started

9:50 am PT

The Apple event is almost ready to start, and CNET’s live pre-show is now playing at the top of this page. You can watch it live as we discuss all the rumors and expected products. Plus, get some insights into the minds of our great reviewers.

Spyware Scare

9:17 AM PT

While we’re all waiting to see what Apple releases, be sure to take this time to update your iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. Like now. Go. I’ll wait.

Apple released a surprise update on Monday that closes a security hole in a reported “zero-click” hack. This attack, which is linked to the Pegasus spyware allegedly used to spy on dissidents, world leaders and journalists, can be sent via a text message. Supposedly, you can’t do anything to stop it when it arrives – the hack will take effect as soon as your phone receives the message. Apple’s update closes that hole.

By the way, you can find out if you’ve been hacked using a free tool available online.

Will there be enough?

9:03 AM Pacific Time

Before, when new iPhones came out, people would line up up around the block outside the Apple Stores to be among the first to get your hands on the device. Then it would normally be sold immediately and nearly impossible to find for days or even weeks. Apple has gotten better at managing demand, and many people shop online now that the iPhone’s dramatic lines are largely a thing of the past. But what about the offer?

In the pandemic, we learned that our international supply chains are quite fragile and our reliance on overseas manufacturing has led to shortages of all kinds of products, from cars to video game consoles and garlic. So far, there are signs that Apple has been able to undo these problems, thanks in part to its aggressive long-term planning. That doesn’t mean you’ll have easy access to an iPhone at launch, but it shouldn’t be as hard to find as, say, a PlayStation 5.

There are rumors that the Apple Watch, on the other hand, may have limited supplies at launch. But this is due to a non-pandemic problem. According to rumors, Apple struggled to maintain normal production to produce in high volume.

Unusual location

8:31 am PT

Virtually all of Apple’s virtual events so far have been held at its multi-billion dollar “spaceship” headquarters in Cupertino, California. But this time, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a photo on Twitter of a different location where the company will host at least part of its event: The desert.

From the news www.cnet.com

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