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Guide: List of Best Built-in Tools of Windows 10

Did you know that there are much more powerful third-party alternatives to many of Windows’s built-in utilities? Windows search, start menu, notepad, media tools, uninstaller and many other built-in tools have alternatives that offer more customization options, more features, and generally more power that you’re sure to appreciate.

Here’s a list of them 12 of the most used Windows built-in utilitiesAll of these alternatives are completely free to use, so there’s no excuse not to try them.

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Alternative to Windows Task Manager

I personally like Anvir task manager heavy emphasis on safetyThe interface can take you back to Windows XP days, but it is much more powerful than Windows Task Manager.

Anvir has one smart detection system for process behavior with which you know which processes are safe and which risks entail. It lists all the processes and programs that start with Windows and gives you complete control over what you can do with them. And when in doubt, it’s an easy option check almost any type of file with VirusTotal

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Notepad ++

Alternative to Notepad

If the Windows built-in text editor is too simple for you, then you have the improved open-source text editor Notepad ++. It is one of the best text editors and comes with an abundance of features for writing code

It uses pure Win32 API and STL for the fastest execution speed along with smaller files. It has support for dozens of coding languages including JavaScript, C ++, Python and more.

If you just want to take some notes, the Windows built-in Notepad will do. However, if you have a coder or if you want more from your text editor, Notepad ++ is the ultimate solution


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Alternative to Cortana

People who use Cortana find it helpful, but a bit slow and quite stalky. There are many third party search tools available, (link my article on Windows search alternatives here when published) but I find Listary the best alternative to Cortana (as far as the search feature is worried).

Once Listary is installed, you can just start typing everywhere and it will automatically start delivering accurate results. A simple double tap on the Ctrl key allows you to Search installed apps and Windows features

Best of all, the results are immediate and the program itself is very lightSmart learning, quick commands, history, and gesture support are just the tip of the iceberg that Listary has to offer. Keep in mind that it is only free for home use. You must purchase a license for commercial use


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IObit Removal Tool

Alternative to native uninstaller

Windows built-in uninstaller just removes the program from its directoryThe program registry entries, app data and other junk files will still remain on your PC and waste space or even create mistakesA third party uninstaller can be cleaned much better and may offer other useful ones features

I like IObit uninstaller for this purpose as it can clean almost everything properly and it is light on the resources. In addition, it has support for bulk removal and it automatically answers most common dialog boxes created during uninstall.

iobit installer

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Alternatives to defragmentation tool

Windows’s built-in defragmentation tool does a reliable job, but the does not give much control and feels a bit short featuresI will recommend that you check out both Defraggler and Smart Defrag by IObit.


Defraggler is a more to the point tool provides convenient features to analyze and defrag your hard drive

It has multiple defrag modes and it can defrag files and folders individually. Moreover, you can also defrag free space.

Smart defragmentation

Smart Defrag offers a little more control than Defraggler with dedicated defragmentation tools for games, Windows apps and multiple defragmentation options for boot. Although the Smart Defrag installer also comes with adware and the interface can seem a bit overwhelming to some people

I personally use Smart Defrag because of the extensive boot time defragmentation options.


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R&D registrar

Alternative to Windows Registry Editor

If you often stay in Windows Registry, you should try out O&O RegEditor. It has a similar interface to the Windows Registry Editor (more polished in fact), but it has extra easy access features which any registry maniac will love.

It has a powerful search bar to find an item quickly easy copy / paste items, keeps a record of changes and lets you export the file as an XML file.


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Zone Alarm

Alternative to Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is one reliable internet security solution, but if you are one of those users who want the best security for themselves; then you should get a third party firewall tool. There are some good ones, (link my article Windows firewall review here) but I will recommend ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.

Her highly customizable and scans both incoming and outgoing connectionsIt also has special tools to manage application behavior to keep rogue apps at bay, and comes with Wi-Fi protection also. Overall, it offers much more security than the built-in Windows firewall.

zone Alarm

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Alternative to Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows Disk Cleanup is a very simple cleaning program. You should get the famous CCleaner that has one much better job of cleaning and also comes with additional tools.

It cleans the junk from Windows as well as browsers and gives you full control over what you want to deleteMoreover, you can use the duplicate cleaner, disk analyzer, boot manager and more cleaning tools to keep your PC tidy.


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Alternative to Windows Media Player

Whether you’re using Windows Media Player or Windows 10’s default media app, both are great limited in features and codec supportThe open source VLC media player is amazingly powerful and supports almost any type of media file.

It offers full control over video, audio, subtitles, volume and other aspects of a media file. In addition, it has hundreds of plugins to further expand its capabilities.

vlc media

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Classic bowl

Alternative to Start menu

Windows 10 Start Menu is pretty good on its own, but if you’re still in love with the Windows 7 Start Menu (I know I am) then I have a perfect alternative. With Classic Shell you can do it all switch the Windows 10 start menu with the classic menu or an exact copy of the Windows 7 Start Menu.

classic scale

The Start menu works perfectly with smooth transitions and access to all featuresYou can also change skins, add / remove features, use a custom start menu icon and even use multiple start menus at the same time.

classic shell2

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Alternative to file compressor

Windows has a built-in compressor and decompression tool to compress multiple files in a folder reduce the size and make it easy to share it. However, this is only what it is capable of. Any serious user should switch to 7-Zip as soon as possible. 7-Zip Deals more customization options and archive formats

It is also more secure and you can encrypt your compressed folders with 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, you have full control over how you want to compress the files, such as the ability to adjust the compression method, compression level and CPU threads, etc.


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Alternative to Disk Analyzer

Windows 10 came with a storage analyzer to see what it takes up all the space on your drives. Unfortunately, it is very limited and does not make it easy to get a full picture of what is taking up space on your hard drive.

There are many disk analysis tools (Link my article best tools for analyzing disk space), but I swear by WinDirStat for its simple interface and extensive information on data. It creates one color-coded directory structure that allows you to quickly see all data and what takes up the most space.

I also love how you can explore the files right in the interface and make changes if needed. A whole handy tool to both view and manage data to save space


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These were some of the best alternatives to regular Windows 10 programs. Keep in mind that all of these tools work fine on other versions of Windows as well, including Windows 8 and Windows 7.

I personally use most of these tools, and they really make it easy for me complete most Windows tasks optimallyIf there is another good replacement for Windows built-in tools, let us know in the comments.

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