Most Important Things To Do When A Writer Quits

Most Important Things To Do When A Writer Quits

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Guide: Most Important Things To Do When A Writer Quits

Before we get started, let’s get things straight. If you are a webmaster or owner of an e-commerce website who can not write… You need a good content writer. There are some very talented people who write great content.

And to balance the power, there are also some unscrupulous writers who will take your money (usually up front) in less than worthy ways then disappear into the expanse of the World Wide Web. With that said, once you find a talented freelance content writer, hold him or her as if they were the last on the planet.

The good ones have either been on a solid track for months or have turned to more profitable endeavors. Even talented content writers that you can keep don’t remain content writers forever. Like everything else in life if someone is good at something, other opportunities open up for him to broaden and broaden his horizons.

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Woe to the site owner

Unfortunately, as a site owner, you have little to no control over when your writer has to say goodbye, and it’s almost always in some of the worst possible scenariosYou might be in the midst of a massive marketing or branding campaign that’s just getting started, or you might be getting a big boost in readership on your blog and needing a steady supply of content worth the next few weeks.

“I’m leaving for greener pastures” is the last and worst thing you could hear at this precise moment. So What are you doing?

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8 things to do instead of panic

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1. Take positive action

As the captain and commander of your ship, it is time to take charge. Whatever you do, don’t let it panic. Panic wouldn’t alone at this point being counterproductive, it makes things much worseIt’s not the end of the world until the deadline, which means there’s still time for the iceberg to hit the ship.

When you are in panic mode, control yourself, thereafter:

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2. Hot off the press

New content writers are pouring into the Internet every day and the demand still outstrips the supply. The US Labor Statistics Department tells us that in 2012 at least 14 million Americans were self-employed. If even a small percentage of that is in content writing, (and it is), there is one for you.

Stop worrying about buying one and go and buy one. Be careful how you go about it. Removing the bad from the good is a delicate process.

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3. You may already have a replacement

Don’t have time to hire someone you can’t trust? Have you talked to your team or family lately? Maybe a friend in the writing industry? You will be amazed how many people you know who write or know someone who writes, dreams of writing, or is already striving for it.

And you can get a peek into a new writer’s personality, if he or she is someone you can count on for stable content straight from the horse’s mouth.

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4. Go social

Or you can go social with it. is the foremost website to raise awareness when it comes to Business to Customer or Business to Business marketing, as well as a great brand recognition opportunity. A good content writer and six social media websites can create more buzz about your website than two dozen magazine ads. On LinkedIn, there are many content writers.

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Be my guest

Posting guest posts is something that comes in handy from time to time. Place a call for guest postsMost of the time, the guest blogger only wants one link in the content and one or two more links in their bio. Some guest bloggers earn for their submissions, but for what it’s worth, you get good content in half the time it takes to find a long-term replacement for your writer.

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6. Editors are worth their weight in gold

If you have an ecommerce website and blog, hiring an editor is a great way to increase your ROI. Not only do they make sure your readers see what to see, when to see it, they also edit the work of your content writers, and can even replace them temporarilyMake sure you don’t take advantage of the editor’s writing skills too often.

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7. Make ideas from the internet

The Internet is a wonderful place. It is filled with all kinds of information on just about any topic you can think of... including you and your e-commerce efforts. If your content writer disappears, there is plenty of material on the web for you to think and draw ideas from.

However, don’t fall into the trap of freely copying content. The original content is still gold even in desperate times.

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8. Unleash the writer in you

Have you tried to write your own content? If anyone knows what kind of content you want, it’s you. You may not be writing the best content in the world, but I can guarantee it won’t be the worst either. In fact, you can write better than some freelance content writers out therebecause no one knows what your readers want better than you.

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The end result

The point of all of this really is much simpler than 8 reasons not to panic and how to Help yourself. If you panic; nothing is done. If you need a content writer, don’t rush to anythingTake your time and find the one that suits you. In the meantime, follow this simple one tips to get through the tough spot and always keep your chin up

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