Not Getting Charging Sound On iPhone X

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Apple fans who recently got a new iPhone X must have had a lot of small problems to date. Well, as a new device, people hardly knew how to solve their iPhone X problem. And one of those problems is “iPhone X no charging sound”. We strongly recommend you to solve this problem immediately. From the beginning, iPhone X makes a charging sound when it is connected to a lightning cable for charging.

But if you don’t hear any sound, then it is clear that you are dealing with an “iPhone X no charging sound effect” problem. Generally, everyone will think that there is a USB cable problem, and changing the cable can solve the problem.

Guide: Not Getting Charging Sound On iPhone X

For those who recently bought the iPhone X, it is recommended to know how to fix it when your iPhone X charging sound is not working. The iPhone X has a charging sound as soon as you plug in the lightning cable. But some have reported that they don’t hear anything when they charge their iPhones. So, users usually sum up that the USB cable is the problem and they go straight to buying a new lighting cable without trying to fix what’s really causing the problem. Here are some of the quick tips and tricks to check your iPhone X when the charging sound doesn’t actually sound when you plug it in.

Here are some of the most common reasons that arise when you think your iPhone X is not working and why there is no sound when you plug in your iPhone X to charge. It also includes when the iPhone X is not charging or what you call the ‘gray battery problem’:

  • Broken or bent cable
  • The iPhone X is not working or is defective
  • Defective battery
  • The charging cable or the device is defective
  • Temporarily phone issue

Swap cables

You need to check the charging cable for your iPhone X first if it is not charging properly. You may be using a faulty or damaged charging cable. Before buying a new cable, it is recommended that you plug the new cable into another cable that works to check if the cable is really the problem why your iPhone X won’t charge.

Reset Apple iPhone X in iOS

You may have to restart your operating system to fix the charging problem. We cannot guarantee that this process will actually fix the problem but it can fix the iPhone X charging issue temporarily. You can try rebooting your iPhone X by following the step-by-step process here.

Clean the USB port

You might not have thought that even the dirt, lint, or debris can enter the USB port of your iPhone X. Yes, it could be the reason why your iPhone X is not charging as the connection between your iPhone X and the electrical source is blocked. You can try to fix this problem by clearing it up using a paper clip or small needle by moving it around your charging port to remove the dirt or whatever that is blocking the iPhone X port. You have to be really careful with this as the port is sensitive and you have to be careful when cleaning so you don’t damage anything.

Get support from an authorized technician

If none of these solutions work for you, your last resort for technical support is to contact the carrier or manufacturer. You can call or visit the retailer to get help. If your device is still under warranty, they should be able to repair or replace it. If not, they may be able to offer some more advice on how to fix the problem.

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