Pho­tos vs iPho­to and Pho­to Stream vs iCloud Pho­to Library: Comparison and Review

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Pho­tos vs iPho­to and Pho­to Stream vs iCloud Pho­to Library: Comparison and Review – Guide

Although iPhoto has been the preferred application for Mac users to manage their photos for several years, the application has not evolved much and has become quite complex for the requirements of most users today. Apple realized this and launched Photos for Mac not too long ago, in an effort to streamline the photo management process. However, there are some aspects of the new Photos app that are still unclear.

The new Photos app. (via Apple)

Let’s take a look at how Photos compares to its predecessor and how the new (optional) photo storage options differ from what we have today.

Let’s start.

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Photos vs iPhoto

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The first thing that stands out in Photos is how fast it is when compared to iPhoto, which at least on my Macbook Air, tends to have a little difficulty. On the other hand, browsing my content in the Photos app is certainly faster and smoother.

Navigating the photo app

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One of the aspects that I felt was missing from iPhoto was a better organizing system for its content. Photos on Yosemite solves this problem at once by adopting the look and feel of iOS, which is not only very familiar to most Apple users, but is also better organized, with separate sections for photos and videos, photo flow, projects and shared albums.

Organization of the photo app

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This is another major area where the adoption of iOS criteria has positively influenced Fotos.

When viewing groups of photos, you can zoom out and see them grouped by date and location, just like on your iOS devices. In addition, you can also mark photos as favorites with a click, which, in my opinion, is an improvement over the rating system used by iPhoto.

Browsing the photo app

So we have the context buttons That’s how up at the top of each group. These include:

Photos Buttons

  • Play: You can use this button to start a slide show of the selected photos.
  • The + sign: This button you can send the current selection to an album, book project, calendar and more.
  • Sharing: Use this button to share your selected photos via Mail, Messages, iCloud Photo Sharing and social media.
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    Stream photos vs iCloud photo library

    These two terms are perhaps the most confusing for those who have just upgraded to the new Photos app on Yosemite. So let’s take a closer look at what each one means.

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    Stream of photos

    The flow of photos in photos is exactly the same as that of iOS devices and is also the same as the section of iCloud that we had in iPhoto.

    I Cloud I Photo

    This is where all of your most recent photos are stored, regardless of the device used to take them. On your Mac, you can access them through Albums> My Photo Stream. Although all the photos you take now also show up in the main Photos section.

    Photos Stream Photos

    And don’t forget that you need to be connected to a wireless network for Photo Stream to be updated.

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    ICloud photo library

    This is the new feature widely available since the launch of Photos. In short, what the iCloud Photo Library does is allow users to have everything of your photos in the cloud through your iCloud account.

    This means that once all of your photos have been uploaded, you can effectively delete the originals from your devices, saving space on your devices’ hard drives.

    I Cloud Photo Library Option

    In practice, this feature it Works very well. However, you are limited by the storage in your iCloud account and, if you have a very large photo library (like most users), you will be forced to update. Fortunately, iCloud’s different storage plans are very cheap, but after upgrading, you’ll have to keep paying every month.

    I Cloud storage plans

    And there it is. It is quite clear that, although iPhoto has served us well over the years, Photos is the future, as it is full of features that make it easier to use. Just remember to come back up all your photos before you completely get rid of iPhoto or before upgrading to the iCloud Photo Library.

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