Pin­ter­est Pin vs Board: Everything You Need to Know

Comparison of Pinterest Pins and Boards

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Guide: Pin­ter­est Pin vs Board: Everything You Need to Know

It looks like you are new to the world of Pinterest. Welcome to the platform where you can find everything. No joke. Whether you are looking for weird things like a stone cake or DIY tutorials, outfit ideas or quotes, Pinterest has everything at its disposal for you to enjoy.

It is such an addictive platform that if you open it when you are bored, you end up up exploring it for hours. When you start checking quotes, you would research after some time how to make a pen holder from pens. For real.

Anyway, now that you’ve joined Pinterest, we’ll tell you a little about it. Pinterest was created up of pins and boards. Some people get confused between the two and it is not their fault as the terms are often used interchangeably.

First, let’s understand what they are and then we’ll explain how they differ.

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The content on Pinterest is known as Pins. The things you upload on Pinterest or the things you see on Pinterest are all called Pins.

For example, in the world of Facebook, a pin would be a Facebook post. You upload a post (Pin) and others can share and comment on it. Likewise, you will see other posts (pins) on your wall or Pinterest feed.

Difference Pinterest Pins and Boards 1

Pins only contain images and websites. Therefore, you cannot upload a video directly to Pinterest, but you can share the website. When a website is added, you will be taken to the original site.

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Unlike Instagram posts, Pins are organized. And that happens thanks to Boards. Boards are collections where you organize or store your Pins. Yes, we also have collections on Instagram, but you don’t necessarily have to use them. However, boards are extremely important on Pinterest, and you can’t save Pins without a board.

Difference Pinterest Pins and Boards 2

In short, your Pinterest profile has been created up of Boards. The boards should be themed as it doesn’t make sense to create random boards. For example, you can have signs for quotes, business ideas, recipes, etc. In others wordsBoards must have a purpose.

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Difference between pins and boards

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A pin is an individual item. Pins are the main items you interact with on Pinterest. Even if you don’t make a board, you can just check other Pins. However, if you want organization or keep Pins, you must use Boards, which is a group of Pins.

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Follow Boards

You cannot follow individual Pins on Pinterest. You can download them on your phone or save them on a board in Pinterest itself, which in Pinterest language means that you pin them. You can also follow the profile that posted the Pin.

However, if you’re not interested in the person’s other Pins, there is no point in following that person. To avoid such situations, Pinterest doesn’t force you to follow the person, just follow the sign with the pin.

Difference Pinterest Pins and Boards 3

Let’s say you like a life quote Pin in someone’s profile. As you view other Pins from the same board, you realize that they are all recognizable. However, if you check out their other boards, they are not your type. In such cases you do not have to follow the profile, you can follow the individual Boards.

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Download Pins

If you like a Pin, you can save it not only to your Pinterest profile, but also individual Pins to you phoneAlthough Pinterest does not provide a native download button to download Boards, you can use some tricks to do that. You can do it trick and the method to download pins in our other post here.

Download images from Pinterest Android Iphone Computer 3

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The boards you create are public by default. This means that anyone who visits your profile can see the boards and Pins in it. Likewise, these Pins and boards will appear in the search results.

But if you want, you can make them private. The private boards on Pinterest are known as Secret Boards. These boards will not appear on your profile and the Pins you add to them will not appear in search results. It’s like your private collection center where you can keep all the cool stuff without anyone looking at it. To identify the secret boards, they have a lock icon in front of their name.

Difference Pinterest Pins and Boards 5

However, Pinterest allows you to manually share the secret board with your friends. If you share a secret board with them, they can see the Pins in it.

It’s not rocket science to create a secret council. All you need to do is turn on the switch for Secret while creating a board. You can also change the privacy of existing boards to Secret on the Edit Board page.

Difference Pinterest Pins and Boards 4

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As with other social networks, Pinterest also has a limit on the number of boards and Pins you can create. In the case of Pins, you can have 200,000 Pins, including the Secret Pins.

When it comes to Boards, you can be a member of 500 Boards. This includes secret boards and boards created by someone other than you are a member.

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Lots of fun

Now that you know the difference between Pins and Boards, it’s time to explore Pinterest. Have fun looking at all the great Pins.

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