Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10

How Plex Works

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Guide: Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10

I’ve always hated transfer or sync media with other devices, and I’m sure you don’t like it either, right?

This is because it is a time consuming process and playing those files on different devices may require extra effort. Happy, Plex media server is designed to solve this problem, that works on most platforms including Android and iOS.

Plex allows you to store media files in one place (with “Plex Media Server”) and share them all with any other device on the same networkThe other device can play the shared media by streaming it from the media server (with ‘Plex media player

In fact, I thought Plex was great at managing a big one bulk of media files also. And that’s not all – it is very flexible and supports a variety of platforms and devices, giving you a number of options to enjoy your movies and TV shows from. And did I forget to tell you it’s free?

Okay, let’s go through the simple steps to install Plex Media Server on Windows 10. Keep in mind that this is the case works almost the same on other supported versions of Windows

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1. Install Plex

First of all, you must install the Plex Media Server in a central location (for this a Windows PC tutorial) where you want to store all your media files. And if you are faster than me, you will take less than 10 minutes to complete the installation process.

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Before I get to the installation details, let me tell you a few things you must do first

  1. Sign up for a Plex account
  2. To download the Plex Media Server for Windows.
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Below is the step-by-step procedure to install the Plex Media Server on Windows:

  1. Open the downloaded setup file for Plex Media Server.
  2. Open the installation of Plex Media Server

  3. Click to install, and click Yes if you get a UAC prompt.
  4. Please wait until you ‘Setup successfulMessage and then click Launch
  5. The installation of Plex Media Server is successful

That is it! You are finished installing Plex Media Server, and now is the time to try it. Read on to know how to add your beautiful media collection in Plex.

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2. Add your media

although Plex starts itself automatically agree the Launch button is pressed, but just in case not (due to a problem), just find and launch it from the Start menu. It takes a while to set everything up, but not much. It took me less than 15 minutes, and last but not least.

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Follow the instructions below to set up Plex and add media files to it:

  1. If a Plex page does not open in one of the visible browser windows, right-click the icon in the system tray (in the taskbar) and choose Open Plex
  2. Go to the Plex page in the web browser and sign in with your Plex account.
  3. Agree to the terms from service (if requested) or press UNDERSTOOD (if information is displayed).
  4. Enter a name of your choice for your server, and tick ‘Allow me to access my media outside of my homeIf you only use the media locally on your home network (say LAN or Wi-Fi only), then click THE NEXT
  5. Enter the name of your server

  6. Click now ADD LIBRARY button to create a new media library on your server. You can also edit the default libraries by clicking on their pencil button
  7. Organize media for your server

  8. Select a library type for your new library from the displayed popupup enter a name Choose a language for the same, and then click THE NEXT
  9. Select the type of library

  10. Click “BROWSE TO MEDIA FOLDERAnd choose the location on your Windows PC containing the media files that you want to add to this new library, and click ADD
  11. Add a media folder to your library

  12. Select Advanced section in the left menu and set advanced options if you want to configure your new library. And finally click ADD LIBRARY moving forward.
  13. Configure advanced options for new library

  14. After reaching it Finish screen, click DONE to complete the installation process. And you will be redirected to the Plex dashboard. And it is intelligent scan engine starts cataloging to organize everything in your libraries.
  15. Plex web dashboard

Now you have Plex Media Server configured successfully on your Windows PC. And while it is running, you are now ready to stream your media content to other devices.

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Tips tricks

Let me share some tips and tricks for proper operation from your Plex Media Server and smooth media streaming to multiple devices.

  • Just like any server program (such as WordPress), Plex Media Server works alone as its host ie your Windows PC is Agitated and Plex Media Server should run (check the Plex icon in the system tray), otherwise you won’t be able to stream media.
  • The Windows PC must have a lot of it free storage space for smooth operation of Plex Media Server as it needs space to download info / data.
  • Transcoding and streaming media uses a fair amount of system resources, so a powerful hardware (mainly CPU and GPU) is recommended especially if many users or devices are expected to connect and stream media from the server.
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3. Watch Mobile

Now you can use Plex to enjoy media on any device. Let’s start with the mobile phoneFollowing are some of the conditions for using Plex on your mobile phone

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I know you might have expected this requirement, but here’s a little thing you need to do before you can actually stream media on other devices (Android for this tutorial

  1. To download Plex for Android (or for any other device)
  2. Download Plex for Android

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For this tutorial, I share the steps for the Android platform, but these are usually applies to other platforms as well

  1. Open the Plex for Android app and click on it login link.
  2. Enter the credentials for your Plex account and tap it LOGIN button
  3. Log into your Plex account

  4. On the next screen, you can tap ‘STAY IN TRIAL MODEAnd watch videos of limited length, or click ACTIVATE button for a small fee and enjoy long videos.
  5. Completely done, and now you can see it neatly Plex dashboard for you.
  6. Plex Dashboard on Android

Plex will automatically detect your media server and connect to itAs a result, you will see your media collections from your Windows PC on your Android device. And you can watch a video directly from it mobile device to enjoy streaming anywhere

It saves your progress on a video and resume playback from the same point. And it also syncs the information with the server, so you can pause on one device and resume seamlessly on another. Guess what? This feature is one of the reasons I switched to Plex

Play the Iron Fist trailer on Plex

And that’s only part of the story – you can do much more using the Plex for Android app. You can search for videos, browse channels, and create and play playlists. It also makes it possible to “Watch laterList of videos you want to watch in the future.

Not to mention his Settings page offers various options and settings. You can do it numerous options to customize the app according to your requirements.

Settings in Plex for Android

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Institution up Plex couldn’t be easier, right? How was your experience up and run Plex? Please share your story via the comments below.

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Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10: benefits

  • The Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10 tutorial is free .
  • This guide already helps so many users follow up with interest in a timely manner.
  • The price of the Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10 guide is free.

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Tutorial summary of Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10

In this guide, we told you about the Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10; please read all steps so that you understand Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10 in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

How this tutorial helping you?

So in this guide, we discuss the Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10, which undoubtedly helps you.

What is actual time in which this method complete?

The time to complete the Setting up Plex Media Player in Windows 10 tutorial is 10+ minutes.

What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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Final note

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