Should You Have an Interactive Email Marketing Campaign?

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Guide: Should You Have an Interactive Email Marketing Campaign?

Businesses are still working on a solution to remove email marketing. You may have perfected your list, segmented your newsletters and lots of great images, but for some reason people tend to delete these emails before they even get to that great attention grabber you’ve worked so hard for.

Email marketing is a great way to get your content to consumers, but to make sure they stick around, that part has yet to be perfected.

The question then is this: What will interest consumers in our messages?

One of the latest and greatest tricks is interaction. Consumers like to be involved in the things they see online as much as possible, so incorporating that element into an email marketing campaign is a great idea.

The trick However, email marketing interaction is not to send readers to another web page where you have something interactive planned. The cool, fun way to communicate should be right in the email marketing message itself.

For this reason, some types of interaction work well, but others are better left to a different campaign.

Consider the following types of interactions and whether or not you should use them in email marketing.

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5 types of email marketing interactions

1. Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls are not suitable up lots of space in your email marketing message, but it gives readers a sense of participation.

If you are trying to prove a point or seek opinions, it might be a good idea to ask a question and hope for feedback.

People are more likely to pay attention to something they know is quick and easy, and if they are interested in the results, they may be more willing to read the content.

After all, it is much easier and faster to vote on an issue than it is to read an entire content on the issue. If you can configure the message to show a chart or graph after each vote, people will likely feel even more engaged.

After all, why vote if you can’t even see the results?

Is this approach good? Yes

2. Videos and live chat

Put up a video or offering a live chat is a great idea, but not in an email marketing campaign. Videos are notorious for taking a while to load, and with email marketing, you don’t have enough time.

When people open up up that email, they need to be involved, and looking at a black screen saying ‘buffering’ just isn’t enough.

live chat

The same problem occurs with live chat. If you want to give readers the option to click a link to watch a video or chat live with a team member, go for it. Just know that this is not really interactive within the actual campaign, so it probably won’t bring in new readers.

Is this approach good? No

3. Share on social media

Unless today is the first day you’ve been online since the 90s, you know that social media has hit the market.

Between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, social networks are becoming more important than ever. According to Facebook statistics, one in nine people on the planet has a Facebook account.

In others words, people like to share things they find online with their friends, and people starting small businesses can’t get enough of these networks.

share on social media

Post social sharing buttons on your email marketing campaign, and you’re bound to have more interaction than if you were sending a regular piece of content.

This also shows readers how many times an article has been shared; making it even more appealing (people tend to listen to their colleagues rather than the company trying to make money; nothing personal).

Is this approach good? Yes

4. Infographics

Overall, I’d say infographics will keep people engaged. While not necessarily interaction, it is an alternative to plain text.

According to Jungle Minds Digital Consultancy87% of the people who saw an infographic read the accompanying text, while only 41% read the text from a ‘regular’ page. ‘

In others words, infographics can be very effective. They work great in an email message if you keep the infographics simple. If you have a huge infographic that takes too long to load, you will lose your readers.

If you can keep it simple and engaging, an infographic works fine.

Is this approach good? Depends…

5. Direct people to another page

Directing people from one page to another for interaction just doesn’t work. People enjoy the interaction, but not enough to get out and about. If it is there, they will take a look, but otherwise they will likely pass.

interactive click

Simply clicking on a link is the most basic form of interaction. In fact, with all the other types of interaction available, clicking a link hardly counts.

Is this approach good? No

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Ultimately, having quality content is the most important thing in an email marketing campaign. You can get all the bells and whistles and fun interactive capabilities you want, but it doesn’t matter if your content is poorly written.

People will be able to see through all the exciting interactive elements, so make sure interaction is the last piece of your email marketing puzzle.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Amanda DiSilvestro for Amanda writes on topics ranging from social media to background checks. She writes for an online resource that provides advice on topics including document software to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the leading business directory –

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