SwiftKey vs Touch­pal: Comparison and Review

Swift Key Vs Touchpal which is the best keyboard

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Guide: SwiftKey vs Touch­pal: Comparison and Review

A keyboard app is something that almost everyone uses on their smartphone. Whether it is the standard that comes with your mobile or a third party app like Gboard, we all have our preferences. That said, SwiftKey and TouchPal are two popular keyboard apps that pop up frequently up in the recommendations.

TouchPal is popular among the fans for its fonts, themes and emojis. It allows you to customize your user interface and experience in many ways. Recently, the developers of TouchPal launched an AI assistant called Talia.

Now owned by Microsoft, SwiftKey comes with language translation and calendar integration to help you get more out of your typing experience.

Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood and how they can be stacked up against each other.

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1. Interface and types

When you create an account on SwiftKey, you will be asked to grant access to your Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts. SwiftKey does that to create a custom dictionary words and learn from your typing habits to better predict. The interface is very clean and functional and all options are easily accessible by clicking the ‘+’ icon.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 1

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 2

TouchPal also has a decent interface where clicking the logo on the top left gives you access to more options and settings. TouchPal draws words only from Twitter, and the setting for this is available under Prediction in app settings. You can also import contact names so that you can easily type long names.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 4

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 3

The typing experience on both apps was similar. SwiftKey, however, could predict better words than TouchPal. TouchPal also did a poor job of predicting names (not even my name) despite syncing contacts.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 5

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 6

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2. Types of keyboard

In SwiftKey, there is the regular predictive keyboard you usually use. As you start typing, the app will start proposing words based on learning previously typed texts.

SwiftKey also offers slide typing feature called Flow. To use that, you have to slide your fingers across the keyboard and move from letter to letter to let SwiftKey predict the possible results.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 7

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 8

TouchPal offers both sliding typing and predictive text feature, but there is also a third way called Wave. In Wave, TouchPal tries to predict whole sentences instead of just words and sentences. Works quite well and should get better the more you use it.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 9

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 10

The Wave’s word prediction is random. For example, tapping ‘G’ does not automatically enter ‘going’. It just changes the predicted word from ‘a bot’ to ‘go’. I’m not sure why TouchPal thinks I’m a bot. Even Rick Deckard didn’t know he was an Android in the original Blade Runner.

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3. Emojis, stickers and GIFs

People like to use emojis and stickers to express what they feel. In SwiftKey you can access emojis from the special button next to the space bar while clicking the ‘+’ icon displays GIFs and sticker options.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 12

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 11

There is no live search for GIFs, so you have to words and hit enter to wait for results. I’ve said this before when comparing other keyboard apps, stickers and GIFs depending on personal preference and emojis are pretty much the same across the web. You can also create custom stickers if that’s your thing.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 13

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 14

With TouchPal you can also create your own AvatarMoji along with GIFs, stickers and emojis. Click on a selfie and it will be animated so you can add text to it. Likewise, you can also create animated GIFs with cute, funny animal faces that mimic your movements. Can be a lot of fun.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 15

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 16

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4. Meet Talia, smart AI

AI-powered Talia is a game changer and can take TouchPal to new heights in the future. TouchPal has launched a new app called TouchPal Pro that comes with a smart assistant called Talia. What can Talia do? I typed the name of a city and Talia came up with its weather. It can also suggest automatic replies to messages.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 17

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 18

While looking for Thai food in New York City, Talia gave me some suggestions. I think the recommendations and suggestions will improve over time. The app integrates live currency conversion and a built-in calculator for quick calculations.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 19

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 20

SwiftKey lacks AI, but I hope the company will implement it in the future.

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5. Translation

Translation is exciting feature for everyone, including people who travel a lot. I downloaded the Dutch language pack in TouchPal and typed ‘Let’s go for a movie’. The result was slightly different from the result in the Google Translate app. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 21

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 22

SwiftKey can translate the text correctly. Instead of suggesting words as you type it, SwiftKey will ask you to type in the specified field. Once done, it will translate the text and paste it into the app you are using.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 23

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 24

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6. Other Features

SwiftKey hides a few tricks up his sleeve. After you share your live location in an app, the location feature will type your address.

There is a clipboard feature so that you can copy and paste multiple text strings elsewhere.

Note: If you don’t pin the copied text, it will expire in an hour.

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 25

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 26

SwiftKey also pulls data from your calendar app, so you can see (not create) what’s on your schedule, and even share it with others while scheduling meetings. I’m surprised Gboard doesn’t have this feature

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 27

Swift Key Vs Touchpal 28

TouchPal also has a clipboard feature without any calendar integration. Maybe this feature may appear in the future, along with support for live location sharing.

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Talia is fast

SwiftKey offers a more polished experience where you can be more productive thanks to the integration of calendar and language translations that works. TouchPal is trying to reclaim lost glory with Talia, a smart AI that works as advertised and could be a game changer for the next few months. Unfortunately, translation and name prediction don’t work, but an update can always change that.

The next up: Do you like or use SwiftKey? Check out these handy settings and options that will help you get the most out of this keyboard app.

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