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Guide: Things To Keep In Mind Before Publishing a Blog

The most crucial final step publishing a blog post is proofreading the piece. Now is the best time to polish up the grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.In the article before it was released. In addition, we must ensure that the the flow of our content is smooth and understandable for our loyal readers.

How are we supposed to do that? In a way, the methods of proofreading are pretty much subjective to the preference of the individual blogger. In fact, most of us don’t really follow any particular procedure; we just read on and use our best judgment on where to make changes.

Given such a vague practice, I thought it would be a good idea to take a few general ones tips when we proofread our latest blog posts:

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1. Reading

You may want as much of your five senses possibly when you proofread your piece so that you can discover where things seem wrong, or sound wrong, as it were. Compared to simply scanning the text through a pair of eyes, reading the words, sentences and paragraphs you can hear how your message would sound also. That way you have two layers of proofreading

Reading aloud is also important because blog posts are usually in one pleasant way. This means checking to see if readers can feel that your writings are talk to themTry to imagine yourself as a reader while you read. Does the tone sound natural? If not, tune it accordingly.

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2. Have someone else proofread

Sometimes when you read your article over and over, your mind starts to understand complacent and starts to miss even the most obvious mistakes. Or you may not know that these are spelling errors, grammatically incorrect, etc. This is where someone else comes in handy to find those errors that you don’t detect.

Another thing is that your perspective can get a bit rigid if you’ve been working on your blog for hours or even a whole day. Now is a great time to get someone with a fresh outlook to see if what you have written is flowing properly. Aside from that, that person may also give you some points that you would otherwise have missed as you may be so absorbed in the task of completing on time. If you can afford the time, discuss the content with him or herYou may be surprised how new ideas may arise from such an exchange.

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3. Keep your target audience in mind

If you know a topic too well, you tend to write in a way that only you can understand yourself. This is because you are aware of all jargon and technical details your topic, and automatically assume that others would too. The end result is you might ignore or exclude certain parts of your audience readers who would otherwise enjoy reading your work.

To prevent such problems from happening, you should constantly check that most of your intended readers will understand your word choices. Take a look at the terms you use in your text and see if the general public could understand them without going through an online dictionary.

The rule of thumb is to spell abbreviated words and acronyms (with the shorter versions in parentheses) when you first mention it in your entries. Also remember to define your specialized terminologies when you think it is necessary so that your readers can keep following your post.

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Check your facts and figures

Even if your input is perfect in terms of spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, you will still lose all credibility if you don’t understand your facts and figures properly. Especially when it comes to statistics, make sure that the numbers are correct and that you have obtained them from a reliable source. A better practice is to include in the references so your readers can be sure you didn’t just create up your own assumptions. When in doubt, they can always consult the sources for full details.

As far as facts are concerned, don’t make any bizarre comments (and conclude that it is a fact) until you are sure they are supported by sufficient evidence. Such extreme claims are gaining more attention from readers simply because of their idiosyncrasy. As a result, they are questioned and examined more thoroughly. If your comment is fictional, it will be difficult for your readers to trust what you are writing in the future.

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5. Trimming, trimming and trimming

As I have emphasized time and again in my previous posts, brevity is key. This is especially true in the context of the Internet, where users expect fast results, fast and fast information. The Lake words there are, the longer it takes for your readers to understand the whole piece of your writing. What happens is that some of your more readers who don’t have time for Dilly Dally can switch to other blogs instead.

You may be wondering if shortening the post would take away the pleasure of reading your blog posts, especially when readers like what you have to say. For that I would say it depends on the nature of your blogIf the most important thing you are offering is information in itself, then your target audience expects you to do so efficientOn the other hand, if your blog mainly provides entertainment value to your faithful readers, then the quality of your content has a huge impact on the success of your blog. The length then matters less, as long as you charm your audience.

Still, most blogs are in the middle of the two extremes, so you should do that balance between keeping your submissions short, informative and entertaining

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