Tips for Writing on Controversial Topics Responsibly

Tips for Writing on Controversial Topics Responsibly

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Guide: Tips for Writing on Controversial Topics Responsibly

When giving advice to new bloggers on what kind of content draws the most readers, the most comments, and the most shares on social media, most of the older statesmen of the blogging community will say so controversy

While this is true for the most part, many leave it at that. If they had done the thoughtful advice it would certainly be good advice, but leaving the new blogger alone with ‘controversy sells’ is a open invitation to problems

Controversy, however, sells controversial topics if not approached correctly handled poorly will drive traffic away from the blog and triggering the wrong kind of attention

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The tightrope walking controversy

There is controversy, and then there is controversy. Determining between the two can be a delicate dance in between common sense, the desire to attract attention, and just stupidityVery often the lines are invisible. To use an extreme example, one would not bring up 9-11, the infamous and terribly sad attack on innocent Americans, in anything but a delicate and extraordinarily sympathetic light to the victims or an outrage at the terrible terrorists who carried it out.

Doing anything else would be controversial at best. For anyone new to the blogging game, here are a few important ones tips that you may want to pay attention to. This one tips explain the “controversy sells” advice, take it to his logical and extremely delicate conclusion

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Readers love controversy

People in general thrive on controversy. In today’s world, where life is a daily struggle for the majority of the population, it is always ‘good’ to read about someone else’s problems

However, the controversy sells depending on the controversial subjectsThere are topics that are more shocking in nature and should be covered in a delicate form or removed from the content altogether, but if handled correctly they can lead to good things, such as more followers and links from other blogs .

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1. Editorial blogging by third parties (with facts)

The best style to tackle a controversial topic is editorialMost of the editorial content is direct third person reporting and must include facts. If you’re blogging about a controversial topic, you should factual for an error. Controversy is so insulting never pretend the opinions expressed are yours

But if you must, pick and choose your subjects with the utmost care. To remember, you want readers … not enemies. Negative comments are still comments, but when you actually insult people, they could be the last comments they post they will not return, regardless of what you post about in the future.

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2. Play Devil’s Advocate with integrity

There is a huge difference between Controversy and Devil’s Advocate, although playing Devil’s Advocate can be controversial. Playing the Devil’s Advocate means you take the unpopular side of a controversial topic and argue for it.

If you decide to play devil’s advocate, you must be 100% sure of your facts, and approach the offending topics in a direct way that reflects integrity in writingAny Devil’s Advocate post that comes across as a rant about your beliefs and not the facts that can actually prove will lose more readers than it wins.

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3. Beware: one side could be suicide

There are some topics that can be blogged about, but only aside or justified outrage against it. Choose controversial topics have a clear, dominant majority such as marital or child abuse (against which you are clearly furious). Topics like abuse, crimes against minors, and other clearly controversial and gruesome topics have only one good side.

The other side is blogger suicide. It can also be a means of losing your blogging rights on the search engines, so be careful and mind your step when it comes to this. Only direct reporting and total dislike for many controversial topics will carry some weight.

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4. Leave the back door open

Leave yourself behind on any controversial topic in which you cannot fail to express an opinion that goes against popular consensus. Your closing paragraph is the perfect place to indicate that your opinion reflects one side of the topic that is not often seen, or just points that you felt should come up in the course of the post.

It takes a lot of skillful writing Apologize without apologizing for an unintentional violation or in subjects where everything you say is slightly off the facts can be misinterpreted by the majority of readers.

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5. Deal responsibly with kickback

Those who respond negatively will come back if you politely defend your point of view and thank the reader for as long as you remember not to argue in the comments. Posting and participating in a series of argumentative comments will only definitively divide your readership and many will not return.

Never comment for a vengeful rebuttal.

Finally, unless you are willing to return up what you say at the expense of your readership, stay away from taking sides in politics, religion and personal problems.

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Be a blogger

Ultimately, a carefully crafted blog post on a controversial topic can be a big boost for your blog, as long as you are willing to receive and answer the comments that will no doubt pour in. Always treat them with a polite response and thank the offending commentator for reading and participating.

Never allow comments on publications that use offensive language or that may be offensive to others, especially those who accuse racism or other follyThe intelligent comments that go against what you were trying to say should be allowed, if only to prove that you are willing to receive them and defend your position in a polite way.

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