Tips to Pick out the Good from the Bad in Guest Posts

Tips to Pick out the Good from the Bad in Guest Posts

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Guide: Tips to Pick out the Good from the Bad in Guest Posts

The guest post is one of the best marketing techniques that bloggers and site owners are increasingly using today. It serves at least two purposes: exposure to the guest writer and also a new post for the site or blog owner. However, guest posts can be a bit tricky – it can cause damage if the post isn’t written appropriately for the site.

A blog owner needs to understand the nuisance of bad guest posts. Be here guides and tips a site owner must follow before choosing which guest post feature and reject it.

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1. They come for your backlinks

A site with a large number of backlinks will get a higher page rank in the Google search engine. The manipulation of this criterion to ensure a higher page rank has led to an increasing number of spam. A site owner can hire guest writers to write articles for their site, or the site owner can choose to write for different websites in exchange for a backlink to their own site.

If the post does not have high-quality content, or gives the impression that it was created for a backlink only, avoid the post. Instead, look for well-written guest posts that are of high quality and better fit the content of the blog or site. The post should never give the impression that it’s just a filler – make sure the post adds value to the blog.

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2. Don’t get out of the subject

A post must be relevant to the blog’s category. For example, a health blog should never contain a financial story unless it is absolutely necessary or adds value to the site in some way. Relevant guest posts give the visitor the information he is looking for. Your visitors should not be misled into believing the site features articles that are not relevant to the topic or article titles. This will not suit your readers.

If a site has multiple categories, make sure the post fits into at least one of the categories. Adding pages to a blog without stressing the need for appropriate posts will decrease the blog’s value and drive visitors away.

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3. Beware of duplicate content

Content must be original, it cannot be copied from elsewhere. Copying content is not only a violation of search engine policy, which can lead to penalties, but it can also lower search engine rankings on sites and blogs.

Duplicate content also damages a site’s reputation. It can lead to a decrease in the number of viewers. Blog owners are advised to choose their guest posts carefully. They have to use content checkers to find out the origin of the content. Never publish a message without verifying its source or authenticity. Obviously, copying ideas from other blogs won’t hurt, but it’s not allowed to copy sentences or paragraphs or entire articles from other blogs.

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4. Welcome similar writing styles

The greater the number of authors writing guest posts for a particular site, the more likely that many different writing styles are embedded in the posts. Different writing styles are never considered a good option for a site. It will cause confusion, especially among readers. Readers would never know what to expect from a blog.

A site should have clear policies or suggestions for a particular pattern of writing styles to follow. Do not choose or publish a guest post that does not follow the specified writing style. Having a similar writing trend is highly recommended and important to the health of a blog. It keeps readers coming back.

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5. Say no to offensive content

A blog owner must be willing to do extensive moderation to pick and remove any offensive content between the lines. Some guest writers view writing for other blogs as a good opportunity to let their hair down and are therefore perhaps a bit more cocky than their usual vault. These guest posters are never at risk, but the blog owner will be hugely criticized by readers and fellow bloggers if he or she allows offensive or offensive content. featured in the blog.

Always check the post before publishing it. Keep in mind that the responsibility for posting offensive content is the responsibility of the owner, even if he may not have written it.

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6. One or two links in the author’s bio

Any blogger might be aware of sites that get paid for linking. Any act of posting paid links on a site or blog is considered spam by Google. Therefore, if Google catches someone doing it repeatedly, it could be punished for it. Many guest posters write for other blogs and use the author’s bio section to post more than one sitelink. This can be dangerous and will lead to a hefty punishment if caught. The penalty varies from a drop in page rank status to a block in search engine results.

Although, if there are links to Twitter or Facebook profile pages, it won’t hurt the sites.

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7. Keep an eye out for self-promotion posts

A blog is a place where information is provided based on the author’s experience. “Promotional” content on a blog means that the post is published in exchange for money. A promotional post is promoting products or services and is therefore likely to annoy a reader. Readers usually don’t expect blogs to publish or like promotional content. They arrived at a post to gather information and to take something back. But with promotional guest posts, it will leave the impression that the site has been paid for posting the post, and many readers won’t be impressed. Some may view it as a breach of trust.

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8. grammar and sentence construction errors

Today we have one laptop, a blog and a cursory knowledge of English automatically makes everyone a ‘writer’. However, most of these writers care or don’t know what mistakes they put in their articles. Sometimes they have good content marred by these small but repetitive mistakes. Content filled with grammar mistakes will annoy informed readers. Rather than just an honest typo, grammar mistakes will cast the blogger in a bad light and readers will shun future posts from these bloggers, which is also not good for the site owner. Some site owners took matters into their own hands, letting editors look through every sentence and point to clear every mistake. It is a time consuming effort to keep readers coming back for more.

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9. Advice and Tips Messages are good

A guest post with the offer “how to tipsRather accepted by readers. An instructive guest post often helps blogs gain popularity. Blog visitors will get the impression that the blog is an instructional blog, and they will likely return often to look for similar content.

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10. Conduct a background check

There are many writers who post similar posts on more than one site. So it is important to know some details about your guest poster. Do a background check on Google to see their writing history – what they’ve previously written for, their online reputation, and the feedback (if any) they’ve received on their writing.

There are many articles that are similar, but don’t get caught up in Copyscape due to changes in the content of the article. Do not accept such messages and avoid guest posters engaging in spamming activities.

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Guest posts have certain clear benefits for blog owners. It’s one of the better ways to set up blogs in the blogosphere. However, guest posts also outline many downsides, which can be detrimental to a blog. Blog owners are therefore advised to prepare strict code or guest posting policies and paste these rules in at least two locations on the site. Guest posters should know what is expected of them before knocking on the door and offering to write a post for your blog.

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