Track Changes Across Dif­fer­ent Apps in Mac: Guide

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Track Changes Across Dif­fer­ent Apps in Mac: Guide – Guide

Working with word processors or text editors on any frequency often involves a lot of corrections and rewriting, especially if you want your job to be perfect. Taking your writing to that level, however, is not the easiest task, even after several corrections. And if you happen to be working on the same document with other people on your computer as well, it is essential to keep track of all changes.

Now, most advanced word processors today have some kind of change control feature, but the problem with them is that the moment you switch from one word processor to another, you also have to learn how to use your own change tracking functionality.

Fortunately, the solution for this for Mac owners comes in the form of a free app called Draft Control, which is available on the Mac App Store and acts as a kind of ‘hub’ to track all changes made to your documents.

Let’s take a look at how Draft Control works.

From the beginning, one of the things that needs to be mentioned about Draft Control is its main advantage: it works not with one, but with a wide variety of important word processors and text editors, such as MS Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice and more, including most simple text editors.

Draft Control Main

After opening the application, you must add a document to it so that it can start tracking your changes. One of the coolest aspects of this is that there is no need to define up an app for Draft Control to track. Just open a document in it and you’re done.

After opening a document in Draft Control, you can open it in your default application to start editing it.

Draft Control Main Open

Very convenient feature of Draft Control is that it displays a preview of your document on the main screen and any changes made to the document in its native application are reflected in the Draft Control preview whenever you save.

Draft control tracking

By default, the text you add is displayed in green and the text you delete shows up in red. You can adjust this in the app’s settings, where you can also choose to sync your changes with iCloud and change the form and frequency (whenever you save or in a timed auto-save option) with which the app saves your changes.

Draft control settings 1

Draft control settings 2

Draft control settings 3

Finally, Draft Control also allows you to organize your documents by lists and folders, so you have no trouble tracking changes in many of them.

If there is a drawback to Draft Control, it is that the application tracks only the text you add or delete. So if you want more advanced tracking that also lets you track, say, text formatting, you’re out of luck.

Control draft deleted

Control draft added

Draft Control Both

On the other hand, each change you make and the Draft Control tracks are completely searchable and remain archived in the application, which also allows you to restore a previous version quite easily.

Draft control search

And that is all there is to do. It may not be the most powerful tracking application, but if what you want is a simple and convenient tool that tracks basic changes, then Draft Control will help you easily.

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