Trans­ferring Notes from Google Keep to Evernote: Guide

Transfer notes from Google Keep to Evernote

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Guide: Trans­ferring Notes from Google Keep to Evernote: Guide

Evernote has forever changed the way we take notes, whether on our smartphone, laptop or browser. It is a powerful note-taking app that is more suitable to use as a filing cabinet.

Then Google decided to enter the competition with its new app called Google Keep. A runaway success. While both are note taking apps, they appeal to different types of people.

Google Keep is better for taking quick notes that you may want to delete later. It was never intended to be used as a filing cabinet where you keep notes and then forget.

That’s why I recently started using Google Keep to keep lists of tasks, jot down quick thoughts and add location-based reminders. But what if I wanted to transfer notes from Google Keep to Evernote?

There are a few ways to do this. To test these methods, I took some demo notes in another Google account. While Evernote doesn’t make it easy to import notes from Google Keep, there are a few ways to do it.

Let’s start.

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1. Google Retrieve

Google Takeout is a lesser known Google feature which allows users to export / download all your Google data. This includes contacts, files, profile information, saved, photos, music, Google Hangout history and of course Google Keep and other Google services. The process is simple.

Go to Google Takeout. There you will find a list of all the services offered by Google that are associated with your specific Google ID. Click Select None to deselect all services.

Google Takeout Deselect option

Now scroll down to find Google Keep and select it. If you click the arrow there, you will see a note informing you that the Keep notes are being downloaded in HTML format.

Google Takeout Google Keep Backup

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Next Button

Google Takeout Google Keep Html

On the next page you can select the file type, archive size and delivery method. I recommend choosing the file type as zip, the archive limit depends on how many notes you have and the delivery method as Add to disk to make it super easy. Once you’ve done that, click Create Archive to start the collection process.

Google Takeout Export Google Keep options

Google shows a percentage bar where you can see the export process in real time. In my case, the sample was less than 1MB, which took very little time. Google gave me a direct link to the Drive folder to which the data was exported.

Google Takeout Google Keep To Drive

When I clicked Done, I was directed to my Google profile. Download the zip file on your local hard drive. Open the folder and you will see all your attachments with the notes in HTML format.

Takeout Notes from Google Keep Final

You can link them to Evernote, which isn’t the best way, but it’s still one of the few solutions available.

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2. Google Docs

In this method, we export Google Keep notes to Google Docs which we can then download in various formats such as PDF, RTF, etc. You can create a new notebook in Evernote and add these files to notes that can be easily viewed with the help of third parties . apps.

Open Google Keep in the Chrome browser. First, select all the notes you want to transfer to Google Docs. You will see the select option when you hover your mouse pointer over the note. Press CTRL + A to select all.

Select Notes in Google Keep

Click on the menu button and select Copy to Google Docs. This will create a Google Doc file for all of your notes.

Option Google Docs in Google Keep

You can export this google doc in different formats like pdf or docx. To do this, open the Google Doc and click the File button, and select Download as to choose the download format. I will choose PDF because they can be opened on almost any device.

Save Google document as PDF for Evernote

All you need to do now is create a new note under a notebook in Evernote and attach the PDF file. You can access it anywhere and on any device.

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3. KeepToText

KeepToText is free open source software available on GitHub. What does it do? It creates a text file for each individual note in Google Keep that you can then import as individual notes into Evernote. To use it, you need Python to run a command that uses Google Takeout.

Yes, this is where things get pretty geeky, so proceed with caution (and only if you absolutely have to).

Download and install Python on your system. Use the link below to download and extract the KeepToText zip file. Go back to point one above and follow the steps to use Google Takeout. All notes should now be in a zip file. Copy that zip file and place it in the KeepToText folder.

This is what the folder structure should look like.

Google Takeout in Keeptotext folder

Press the Win + R shortcut to start the run command and type ‘cmd’ and hit enter to launch the command prompt.

Run command prompt

This will run the cmd.exe file and you should see a new window with a black background. Go back to the KeepToText folder and drag the file to the command prompt. This is much easier than manually typing the folder structure.

Now hit the Space button once.

Go back and drag the Google Takeout zip file to the command prompt.

This time, press Enter once. This will automatically execute the correct command.

Python will create a new folder called Text in the KeepToText folder and all Google Keep notes will be converted to text files.

Google keeps text files in the Keeptotext folder

Open Evernote on your desktop and select Import Folders under Tools.

Evernote Import Keeptotext folder

Choose the newly created text folder with all Google Keep notes in text format. This will create a separate note in Evernote for each text file.

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Noticed everything?

I know transferring notes from Google Keep to Evernote should have been easier than this. Evernote plays well with OneNote with a direct option in the interface to import notes. Maybe Google is playing hard to catch here. Whatever the reason, it’s better to keep the two separate from the start if possible.

The next up: Do you have too many notes in Evernote? Do you find it difficult to search them directly? Click on the link below to learn how to find Evernote like a pro.

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Tutorial summary of Trans­ferring Notes from Google Keep to Evernote: Guide

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What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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