Unar­chive Boards on Pinterest: Tips and Tutorial

Unarchive Boards Pinterest Fi

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Guide: Unar­chive Boards on Pinterest: Tips and Tutorial

We know creating virtual pinboards is fun, but deleting a Pinterest board is a tough step. Fortunately, Pinterest offers us an alternative in the form of Archive that allows you to hide Boards from the public. Although they are still visible on your profile, there is not much you can do with them.

The good thing about the archive is that you can always restore or unarchive it. And with Pinterest you can do it easily.

Here are methods to unarchive Pinterest Boards mobile apps and desktop. But first, let’s see what happens to an archived board.

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What happens when you file a board

When you archive a Board, it disappears from your public profile. You can still access it under the Archived Boards section. Pinterest makes it similar to Secret Boards. However, both are different.

For starters, you can save Pins to secret boards, but that’s not possible with archived boards. To save a pin, you have to unarchive the board. Don’t get confused by the interface and learn the difference between pin and board.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 17

Pinterest allows you to add contributors to boards. If other contributors are part of the board you created and archived, it will not be archived for them. They can still save Pins to it.

Further, once you’ve filed a board, you will not get any recommendations related to that particular board. Filing a board is not a permanent step. You can always unarchive Boards to start functioning normally.

Here’s how to get a board from the archive.

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Unarchive Boards

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Android and iOS

Note: The screenshots were taken on an Android device and the steps remain the same for the iPhone app as well.

Step 1: In the Pinterest app, go to the Saved tab. Here you will find all your boards.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 1

Step 2: Scroll down to the end of the list. Here you will find all your archived boards. The archived boards have a round black archived icon.

Note: If you don’t find your Board here, close the Pinterest app, remove it from the recent apps and restart it.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 2

Step 3: Tap the board to open it. On the next screen, click the Edit icon.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 3

Step 4: Now instead of the Archive board option you will find Unarchive board. Tap it. On the confirmation screen, tap Archive Out.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 4

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 5

Your board will be removed from the archive. You can now add Pins to it.

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Step 1: Open the Pinterest website and go to your profile. You will find all your boards here.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 6

Step 2: Scroll down. You will find archived boards.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 7

Step 3: Move the mouse pointer over the board. You will get a pencil-shaped Edit icon. Click here.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 8

Step 4: In the Edit Board pop-up that appears, click Unarchive button

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 9

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What happens when you remove a plate

If you don’t want to see a sign anymore, you can remove it. To delete a board, open it and tap (mobile apps) or click (on PC) the Edit Board icon. Then out of the pop-up choose Delete. A confirmation dollup will appear. Tap / click Delete.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 18

Removing a board is a permanent step, and it removes all of your pins as well. Furthermore, you also lose all followers of that particular board. However, you will not lose the users who follow your account.

Also keep in mind that the deleted boards cannot be recovered.

Instead of removing the board, you can turn it into a secret board. This way the board won’t be visible on your public profile and in case you ever want to get it back it’s easy. Moreover, you also do not lose the followers of the board.

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Bonus Trick How to Merge boards

Before deleting a board, you can move some or all of the Pins to another board. In other words, you can merge Boards on Pinterest.

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Merge boards on PC

Pinterest offers a special merge button on its website. Using it will move all of your Pins from one board to another.

Here is how to go for it.

Step 1: Open your profile. Go to the board whose Pins you want to merge with the second. Click the Edit Board icon.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 10

Step 2: From the pop-up menu, click Merge.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 11

Step 3: You will be asked to choose the board you want to merge the current Pins with. Choose the board and click Move Pins and Delete Board.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 12

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 13Note: You will lose the followers of your deleted board.

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Merge board Mobile Apps

Merge two boards on Pinterest mobile apps is not an easy process because you are not a dedicated one buttonYou can download and re-upload the Pins, but that will be cumbersome.

A native option requires you to manually select the Pins and move them from one board to another to merge them.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start the app and open the board.

Step 2: Tap Organize button on the top.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 14

Step 3: Then select the Pins you want to move to another board by tapping on them. Once selected, tap Next.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 15

Step 4: Select the board or section you want to move them to.

Unarchive Boards Pinterest 16

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Keep it safe

Removing a board has obvious drawbacks: you will lose the followers and Pins from that board. If you want a sign to no longer be publicly visible, consider using the Archive option. And then you can always unarchive it or view Pins at any time.

Boards can be a fun way to track someone’s collection of ideas. However, take a look at our privacy and security tips for Pinterest for a safe experience.

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Tutorial summary of Unar­chive Boards on Pinterest: Tips and Tutorial

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