Use Nest­ed Lists in Google Keep: Tips and Tutorial

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Guide: Use Nest­ed Lists in Google Keep: Tips and Tutorial

When we talk about lists, they are incomplete without the option to add sub-items. With a good list app you can always create nested lists. Up until January, Google Keep did not have the sublists feature, but luckily that has now changed.

Speaking of lists, Keep supports two types of lists: bulleted lists and to-do lists. Let’s give credit where we need to. While Google Keep is a note-taking app, we can indent items in both types of lists.

Let’s get to know it how to do that.

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Create bulleted lists

If you want to create a list without the check boxes, you can choose the bulleted lists. The items in this list are automatically preceded by a bullet point. Google Keep supports three bullets: dash (-), asterisks, or star

and point.

To create a bulleted list, open the note in Google Keep and type a dash / hyphen (-) or a star followed by space. Then type your first list item.


Adding a space after the hyphen or asterisk is a required step.  If you miss it, the list will not be made.

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To add new items, hit Enter and you will see Keep automatically adding a bullet point. If you entered a dash (-), all bullets will have a dash (-) before and in the same way, if you go with an asterisk / star mobile , they all have a period before it (.). Basically, when you press the space after the star

, it becomes a point. To use the star format, press Backspace once. Nested bulleted lists

To create sub-items under a bulleted list on

apps or website, follow the steps: Step 1:

Open the note and create a bulleted list first as mentioned above.

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Step 2: At any point where you want to create a sublist, press Backspace to remove the automatically created bullet.

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Step 3:

Use the spacebar to add spaces to indent the position of the sublist. You can add as many spaces as you want. Once in the desired position use the above method to create a list i.e. type a dash (-) or a star

followed by space and the first list item. Then press Enter to create a second sub-item and so on.

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In the same way you can create another list under a sublist. All you need to do is add spaces and make a list.

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Stop list

Pressing Enter on an item in the list will create a new item.  To stop creating new items, press the Backspace key on the automatically created bullet point.

If you also press the Enter key on an empty bullet point, the list will be aborted. mobile Make to-do lists

To-do lists, as is clear, are the check box lists.  You can complete the tasks or items by tapping the check box.

To create a new task list from scratch, click the New List icon in the Create Note pane.  Then enter your items one by one.

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Now if you want to convert an existing note to a to-do list, open the note on it

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app and tap the plus icon in the bottom left corner. Then select checkboxes.

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On the website, click the three-dot menu below the note and select Show Checkboxes. Nested Google Keep sublists 10

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Nested task lists Mobile Unlike bulleted lists, where you can create as many hierarchies as possible, task lists allow only one hierarchy, ie items can only be moved one step to the right. The method to create nested lists differs on the website and

apps. Here are the steps for both. mobile Note:

If you check the main or top item, the sub-items are automatically checked.

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Nested lists


To create a nested list on Google Keep

apps, you have to use gestures.  In the app, open the note with checkboxes.  Then swipe right on the to-do item to make it a sub-item.  Swipe it left to use it as the main item again.  You can indent all items in the list except for the first item.

Nested Google Keep sublists 11 [Thiswillmovetheitemtowardstheleft

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Geneste lijsten op website

Er zijn twee manieren om geneste takenlijsten op de website te maken. De eerste methode omvat eenvoudig slepen en neerzetten en de tweede is het gebruik van de sneltoetsen.

Maak bij de eerste methode eerst een takenlijst. Beweeg vervolgens uw muis over een item in de lijst en sleep het naar rechts met behulp van het verplaatsingspictogram vóór de items. Sleep het naar links om het terug te brengen naar de oorspronkelijke positie.

Geneste sublijsten Google Keep 12

Om een ​​lijstitem te laten inspringen met de sneltoets, houdt u de muisaanwijzer op het lijstitem en drukt u op Ctrl +]to move it to the right. To delete the sublist, press Ctrl +[. This moves the item to the left. Make a list! So this was how you can create nested lists in Google Keep. If you want more, you can switch to a dedicated list app like Microsoft To-do,, or even Google’s own app called Google Tasks.

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Tutorial summary of Use Nest­ed Lists in Google Keep: Tips and Tutorial

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