What changes in App Store policy

What changes in App Store policy

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What changes in App Store policy – Guide

Apple announced a major change to its App Story policy. What has changed, why is this development significant and how does it affect Apple, developers and users?

Apple on Wednesday announced a major change in App Store policies, which will allow ‘reading apps’ to include a link to their own website to allow users to manage their accounts and even pay directly for subscriptions. This comes at a time when Apple is facing class-action lawsuits over its mandatory cut in developer earnings.

Why is this change significant and how does it affect Apple, developers and users?

Apple said it was making the move as part of the conclusion of an investigation by the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC). Under Apple’s agreement with the JFTC, developers of “reading apps” can include in-app links to their websites to allow users to define up or manage an account. Apple says that while the deal was with the JFTC, it was implementing the policy globally.

In a statement, Apple clarified that “reading apps”

; includes all apps that provide previously purchased content or subscriptions to content from digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and video. That means apps like Netflix, Spotify, etc. will also be included. In addition to being able to include a link in the app for users to purchase a paid account, developers can also avoid the 15-30% developer fee that Apple charges them.

So how does this affect “reader” application developers?

When this policy takes effect in early 2022, developers will have the option to skip payments in the App Store and thus avoid paying Apple a portion of all transactions.

However, Apple is emphasizing that in-app purchases are even safer. “While in-app purchases through the App Store’s commerce system will remain the safest and most reliable payment methods for users, Apple will also help reader app developers protect users when they link to one. external website. to shop,” he said.

Also, although Spotify can now allow users to set up your premium account from the iOS app itself without having to rely on Apple’s payment system, for gaming apps with in-app purchase options, nothing really changes. In-app purchases in all other types of apps will still have to rely on Apple’s payment systems and will therefore be subject to hacking.

So why is this change significant for app developers?

To bill users, application developers currently have to use Apple’s payment system, for which Apple charges a 15-30% fee. Apps like Spotify, Epic Games (creator of Fortnite) have a lot called these unfair rules.

The new policy offers concessions to media companies, which can allow paying customers to create accounts in the iOS app itself and have the option to bypass Apple’s payment systems. The new policy allows these applications to introduce a link to an external payment system upon account creation.

How did media companies react?

Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek tweeted: “This is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t solve the problem. App developers want clear and fair rules that apply to all apps. Our goal is to restore competition once and for all, not one arbitrary and selfish step at a time. We will continue to press for a real solution”. Spotify found Apple’s 30% fee unfair, as the company’s Apple Music app isn’t burdened with that fee.

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