What Does Life360 App Do?

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Guide: What Does the Life360 App Do?

Life is fast these days. For parents with children in the wide world, it can sometimes be nerve-wracking not knowing where your loved ones are. While there are several solutions to this problem such as posting a Find my Phone style tracker on their mobile devices, there is a better way to keep in touch with your family.

Life360 (available on Google Play and App Store) is an award-winning app that allows you to create a private social network, or Circle, with members of your family. It is designed to help parents keep track of their kids and vice versa. It has some useful features, with an emphasis on safety, as well as a few other useful options to make family life that little bit better.

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Gone are the days when you were like “Where are you?” text messages in style to try to round up your kids. With Life360 installed on your family phones, you can easily track their locations and respond accordingly. As long as they have an internet connection, you can know where they are. Completely helpful it will also let you know if that belongs to someone phone the battery is low, so you can send a message to them while they are still available.

Family circle

You can even set up geofencing warns that it will automatically notify you when a family member has arrived at a particular location. Handy if you need to do some last minute shopping, and also a blessing if you’ve told your kids not to go anywhere and want to make sure they’ve listened to you. Plus, it can give you an estimated arrival time when you’ve all agreed to meet somewhere, so you can see who’s going to make it and who’s going to be late.

Driver report

Particularly useful for families with new drivers taking to the road, Life360 has a number of driving safety features that can provide much-needed peace of mind. The app can detect crashes that occur above 40 km / h, and if so, Life360 agents will call it phone of the affected person to make sure everything is okay. They will also call other members of your circle to let them know about the incident and call emergency contacts if necessary.

It can also provide roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or other problems. If you lose your keys, run out of gas, break a tire, have a dead battery or need a tow, you can use the app to go straight to your location.

Another bonus for new driver parents is the Driver Report feature, which allows you to see how your family members are driving. It tracks how many miles they’ve traveled on how many individual rides and even lets you know their average speed. That’s why you can follow speed demons in the family!

Crime Reports

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Safety Features

There are a few extra personal security features that are sure to provide parents with extra comfort in today’s increasingly crazy world. The app has a Help Alert feature, requiring only one touch button to send your exact location to each person listed as an emergency contact. If something bad ever happens, you can rest assured that your special people are all right.

Speaking of which, the app also keeps a number of different crime reports in the area. Therefore, you can see how safe or dangerous a particular area your family visits is. From simple arrests to theft, arson and more, you can stay up to date about the relative safety of your family members, so you know how concerned you should be at the moment.

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How much is it?

Life360 is available for free and has two tiers of paid premium services depending on what you need in the app. Let’s see what the different levels have to offer:

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Share location; Battery monitoring; Location ETA; 2 Post alerts; 2 days of history; Help alert.

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Plus ($ 2.99 per month):

Share location; Battery monitoring; Location ETA; Unlimited location alerts; 30 days of history; Help alert; Crime Reports.

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Driver Protect ($ 7.99 per month):

Share location; Battery monitoring; Location ETA; Unlimited location alerts; 30 days of history; Help alert; Crime Reports; Crash detection; Emergency aid; Roadside assistance; Driver report.

For many people, the free version probably offers everything you are really looking for. Paying for the premium versions allows you to take extra care of the well-being of your children, with the Driver Protect package being a good idea if your child has just passed their driving test, as one in five new drivers is reported to have an accident had. during their first year on the road.

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Peace of mind all around

All in all, Life360 is a great piece of software for making sure the people you care about are always okay. It helps you keep track of where they are, where they are going and if they need help. Not bad for a largely free app, actually. If you’ve had any experiences with Life360 that you’d like to share with us, why tell us all about it in the comments section below?

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